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Sunscreen Tips worth Reading

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jun 06, 2014

New You Beauty Tip: Protect your natural, beautiful skin tone to avoid irreversible damage and UV causing cancers.

As the blistering summer sun approaches, it is time to freshen up on the practice of UV protection. Skin without sunscreen is always vulnerable to damage: A short walk in the park, an outdoor lunch, or a day time drive can all be detrimental to your skin and overall health.  In the article “Light and Lively,” in the summer issue of New You magazine Dr. Elizabeth Hale says: “What a tan really represents is a sign of DNA damage. Our body mounts a tanning response as a sort of stress response; it’s a defense mechanism.”

If you argue that a daily dose of vitamin D is important to your health, Farah Ahmed, chair of the Personal Care Products Council sunscreen committee in Washington D.C. would urge you to find another source. “To the extent that someone is deficient, you should get vitamin D through your diet. UV rays are cancer causing; it’s irrefutable science.”  So this summer and all year round, try to get comfortable in your natural skin tone. Apply sunscreen every day and reapply often if you are spending the day outdoors. Adapt to wearing hats, staying in the shade and covering up when possible.

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For more information on protecting your skin against UV rays check out the article “Light & Lively” in the new Summer Issue of New You.