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The 10-Minute Brow Lift

By Gerry Strauss
Posted On Mar 23, 2011

By: Dexter Phillip


Step 1. First brush brows upward with a course brow grooming
brush. Pluck all stray, long and unordinary hairs, then brush
brows towards temples and pluck any stray hairs on the brow
bone that are not part of the shape of your brows.

Tip: When shaping your brows, it’s best to have the brow sloping
gently away (above the brow bone), continuing in a line just
beyond the outer corner, it lifts the entire eye. If you’ve never had
your brows shaped, its best to have it shaped professionally by a
brow specialist before applying the brow lift.


Step 2. Starting with an angled eyebrow brush, apply eye shadow
powder that is closest to your brow hair color, following the
natural shape and filling in the brows. For blondes use a taupe
color, red heads use an auburn color, brown hair color use a light
brown color, and brunettes use a medium brown to dark brown
color depending on skin tone.

Step 3. Next, using a flat eyeliner brush apply a concealer one or
two shades lighter than your foundation and yellow in tone to the
brow bone and outlining your entire brow.

Step 4. After you have outlined your entire brow, blend the
concealer into your skin with the flat eyeliner brush (blending
the concealer up above the brow and down below the brow all the
way to the crease serving as a natural brow highlight), then finish
blending using your index finger by tapping concealer into skin.
Lastly, take the angled eye shadow and outline brow over concealer.


Perfectly shaped, highlighted, and lifted brows is the
end result!

Note: The brow lift is applied prior to applying eye shadow
and defining eyes. The shape of your eyes, how they are set, and
size of your eyelids all influence the way you should makeup
your eyes for the most flattering effect. Understanding a few
basic principles will help you to make the most of your eye.


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