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The Damaging Effects of High Ponytails & Top Knot Buns

By Lauren Ford
Posted On May 23, 2016
The Damaging Effects of High Ponytails & Top Knot Buns

Are you a high ponytail junkie? Is Ariana Grande your hair spirit animal? Are you an avid top knot gal like Kendall Jenner? Well, it might be time to call it quits with the high ponies and high buns.

Ponytails are our go-to lazy girl hairstyle, and a top knot is the ponytail’s fancier cousin. These hairstyles can be worn on any occasion, and that is why we love them.  But in general, women should treat their hair gently. You shouldn’t feel like you’re giving yourself a mini-facelift every time you pull your hair back. Tight ponytails yank on the delicate hairs at the front of the scalp. These strands are the most susceptible to damage by traction and over time they can fall out.  This hair loss is temporary- but only at first.

You are at risk of permanent hair loss when you wear your ponies tight or always wear them in the same spot on your head. Also, if you do cornrows and wear weaves, constant traction can cause inflammation around the hair follicle which will eventually damage the follicle itself and rob it of the ability to regrow.

How to avoid ponytail related hair trauma:

  • Vary the location of your ponytail (high, low, crown, side) to keep from abusing the same hairs in the same way.
  • Always wear fabric bands. If the elastic becomes exposed, throw away the hair tie immediately.
  • Loosen up- be gentler with your hair. Don’t put too much stress on your hair by making your pony too tight.

Photo credit: Instagram @gingersnaphairstyles