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The Dazzling Spa Destination for Kids

By Dontaira Terrell
Posted On Feb 22, 2016
The Dazzling Spa Destination for Kids

Dynamic duo Jean Noisette and Isha Kadi set out to amplify their original business model of making young ladies feel fabulous, fearless and fierce. By joining forces, these two eclectic personalities skillfully orchestrated their inveterate dream of building an exquisite kids spa experience that far exceeds the typical norm.

Successfully living up to the aphorism, “To whom much is given, much is expected,” these women strive on trailblazing a path that will stand the test of time. They have uniquely carved a niche with their brand, Dazzle Me Parties, that has garnered widespread attention from celebs to cable networks such as VH1.

Keeping it all in the family, the aunt and niece pair, not only aim higher to inspire and empower the past, present, and future business leaders but also desire to establish an indisputable work ethic and healthy balance among, family and business. New You had an opportunity to chat with these Youngstown, Ohio goal-getters and learned about their humble beginnings, brand representation and the importance of uplifting other women biz owners paralleling the power of sisterhood.

New You: Can you provide me with a brief intro as to how it all started?

Jean Noisette: Initially, we began creating mobile parties and absolutely fell in love with the process from inception to completion. We traveled to various destinations and transformed the space into a fairytale setting for little girls. This allowed the princesses dreams to come true in front of their very eyes within the comfort of their own home.

Our inspiration stemmed from wanting to achieve a name for ourselves in the Atlanta area. As a result, we started networking and building connections through our Celebrity Kids Fashion Show. Our very first year we tapped musician T.I.’s son to become the host. Following this, we received a call from the cable network VH1 asking to have our fashion show featured on T.I. and Tiny’s hit reality series and the rest is history! Almost immediately, we began receiving an overwhelming response from prospective clients. As a result, we decided to take a step back before continuing to move forward because meeting the demands of consumers whether big or small caused our inventory to fluctuate on a variety of levels. One year to the exact date, we began building one of Atlanta’s premier luxury spas for little girls, known as Dazzle Me Parties and Spa. 

Photo Credit: Kalvin Reeves
Photo Credit: Kalvin Reeves

NY: What inspired you to start this business?

Isha Kadi: We were intrigued by the thought of building a business that would be financially beneficial, but more importantly something that would further tighten our family unit. We were both working a typical 9-5 but we were also confident our talents combined could create a flourishing brand. Although the journey was not and has not been easy, my aunt and I had a wonderful time doing what we love and working together as a team.

NY: How did you come up with the name and what does the brand Dazzle Me represent?

IK: The first thought that comes to mind when you hear, “Dazzle Me” is allure, glamour and beauty. Our primary objective has always been for our clients to feel and look like royalty on their special day.

Photo Credit: Kalvin Reeves
Photo Credit: Kalvin Reeves

NY: In what ways is your hometown of Youngstown, Ohio infused in the Dazzle Me brand?

JN: Within its business community the city of Youngstown is definitely experiencing a resurgence. At a point in time, my hometown witnessed some of its darkest days after the closing of the steel mills. However, one thing that holds an undeniable truth, there is always a major comeback in every success story especially if you work hard and stay true to your brand.

As I stated earlier when our inventory was not aligned with how it should have and could have been, we had to rethink and reformulate our original game plan. While we enjoyed a hint of success from the fashion shows we strayed away from the original game plan of creating a once in a lifetime experience for little girls! Honestly, I must admit being from the Youngstown area has taught me that even a diamond can be produced from a little piece of coal.

Photo Credit: Kalvin Reeves
Photo Credit: Kalvin Reeves

NY: How much of an integral role does the Dazzle Me Dolls play in the organizational structure?

IK: We are blessed to have a great group of young women working with us. It was essential for us to include younger girls within our company in order to maintain young and fresh vibes. They [Dazzle Me Dolls] help bring new ideas to the table and attract customers with their vibrant personalities. Each one encompasses a unique style and rare flair with personality to match which adds to the organizational structure of Dazzle Me Parties.

NY: Why do you personally believe it is important to celebrate and recognize other women business owners?

JN: I think it’s vital and extremely important to celebrate other women especially given the struggle and at times double standards we [women] endure in the workplace. Often times, I witness many women thriving in the professional realm while simultaneously maintaining the ability to juggle family, business and personal perseverance. Unfortunately, at times, their contributions are underrated, unacknowledged, and unappreciated.

On the other hand, it’s very exciting and such a beautiful thing to watch these super women break barriers in order to create a lane for themselves! Whether it is climbing the corporate ladder or building a brand from the ground up it is something that is super powerful and should be celebrated more.

NY: What are your goals/dreams for the future?

IK: We are different from most business owners because our sole purpose is not just to make money. Our dreams are larger than that as we aim to create a brand that inspires women from around the world to follow their passion and conquer their dreams. Ultimately, we hope to franchise Dazzle Me Parties as well as establish a non-profit for young women.


For more info or to connect with Dazzle Me Parties please visit:

Official Website:  http://dazzlemeparties.com

Instagram: @dazzlemeparties