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The Future of WWE with Eva Marie

By Dontaira Terrell
Posted On May 10, 2016
The Future of WWE with Eva Marie

Back in 2013, life would forever change for Natalie Eva Marie as she burst onto the scene by becoming a dominating triple threat [beauty, brains, and talent] within the WWE Universe franchise. By no means is solidifying your place as a household staple an easy feat, but with much dedication, determination, and a heroic perseverance, Eva Marie did more than seize the opportunity, she owned the moment. As the youngest of three older brothers, the redheaded beauty grew up often watching WWE matches but unknowingly knew at the time that one day she would surpass the greatest heights in order to be a nationally recognized Diva.

However, her red hair isn’t the only thing that is fiery about this California native. With an infectious personality, positive light, and tenacious business acumen, she is more than meets the eye as a bona fide businesswoman behind the scenes. Perhaps this is the very reason why the 31-year-old possesses the ability to trail blaze her very own path to success. An element that will ultimately serve as the blueprint of setting Eva apart from her counterparts for years to come.

When the fitness guru is not in the ring or providing her expertise on all things health and beauty, she is diligently building a peerless empire and continuing to expand her ever-growing resume. Just last year, she partnered with BELLAMI to create a signature, luxury hair extension line. Additionally, she holds several acting credits to her name with television appearances on hit shows including Entourage, CSI: New York, America’s Got Talent, and 90210. 

That’s not all! Staying true to her humble upbringing, Eva thrives on the opportunity to give back to the community. With her father serving in the military, she recently accepted the Corporate Leadership Award at the annual Soldier Strong Awards on behalf of the WWE. Throughout her speech’s entirety, she emphasized the indelible impact the armed forces have had not only on her life’s journey but the lives of all Americans.

From fitness model to professional wrestler, which has lauded her as one of the most coveted stars of E!’s Total Divas, this is clearly just the tip of the iceberg for Natalie Eva Marie. New You had a chance to chat with the star on essentially everything you have always wanted to know about your fave WWE Diva, plus much more!

Photo Credit: WWE
Photo Credit: WWE

New You: How did you get your start into wrestling?

Eva Marie: I am actually the youngest of four with three older brothers and because of this I grew up watching wrestling. With that being said, many years later, I began my career in wrestling while I was living in Los Angeles. During that time, WWE performed a nationwide Diva search. Initially, I thought to myself this could potentially be the perfect job for me because it was a culmination of all my interests. You have to be extremely athletic in order to handle everything inside the ring but you also have the opportunity to dress up, rock a few red carpets as well as become actively involved within the community.

The opportunity was available for me to attend the Diva search and from there I just rolled the dice. Afterwards, I received a call back where they [WWE] narrowed their search down to roughly 12-15 girls. We participated in an intense four-week trial to determine if we were able to handle the in-rink physicality. Following the four-week trial, I received my developmental contract and shortly after E!’s Total Divas came about. I interviewed for that [Total Divas] as well, landed the opportunity and from there the rest is history.

NY: What challenges have you had to face in your chosen career path with the WWE, especially being in a male dominated industry?

EM: It is honestly one of those things where I personally feel that the female empowerment movement is definitely moving and shaking right now. As you stated, the WWE is certainly a male dominated sport but women are absolutely igniting their way. With multiple matches on Monday night raw and many other similar events, I believe now is the perfect time to be a WWE Diva as well as be a female in this industry because it is quickly moving forward.

Photo Credit: Michael Neveux
Photo Credit: Michael Neveux

NY: Do you feel an added pressure to sustain a polished image at all times (Ex: hair, makeup, nails, etc.)?

EM: I would not really say I feel pressured or anything of that nature. On the other hand, I will admit with social media when my roots are showing I can always count on my amazing WWE Universe fan base to let me know (laughs). Being a WWE Diva is truly about feeling confident within yourself and I honestly feel better when I am fairly all put together. Whether it is my nails or hair being done, I personally enjoy the upkeep on my very own. Sometimes I will say to myself, “Ah! My roots are showing this week. It’s not going to be that good of a look.” (laughs)

NY: I think all women can relate to the general upkeep because it plays a major role in helping look good and feel even better. You truly feel like a brand new person when your hair and nails are done.

EM: Absolutely! Two days ago I had my roots dyed and it is actually funny because I allowed my roots to come out a little more than usual for a full week. As soon as I was refreshed and received my dye job I said to myself, “Oooh yaas, I am back!” (laughs).

NY: What is the history behind your signature red hair? How did this look come about?

EM: Prior to joining WWE, I had really dark, jet black hair and because of this I was asked, “would you mind dying your hair?” Initially, when I received the call that I landed the role on Total Divas and received word that my life was going to change within 48 hours, I was pumped and beyond excited that I totally missed the hair part! Seriously, when you receive that phone call you are not really thinking about anything else except of course, “Oh my gosh, I got this job!”  After I finally calmed myself and spoke with them [WWE] 24 hours later, I was asked if I would be able to add a few red highlights in my hair. The Bella twins have dark hair and they did not want me to possibly get lumped in as a triplet. Of course, I understood their point of view and moved forward with the red highlights.

Fast-forward to my first day on the job at WrestleMania in New York and I vividly remember stepping off of the plane and the WWE execs, looked at me, and basically said “absolutely not!” Despite the highlights, my hair was still very much dark and they believed I was still going to look similar to one of the twins, especially from behind. They suggested platinum blonde instead but I knew there was no way that could happen. I had my hair dyed blonde in high school and you have to understand that I am mixed with Italian. I definitely had a weird orange type of color going on and it just was not a good look especially with my skin tone because of this I knew beforehand I would not be able to pull it off.

While at the salon in NYC getting my hair stripped of the red highlights I noticed it was beginning to turn into that weird orange color. I was listening to Rihanna’s Loud album when she had bright red hair while I was sitting in the chair. Immediately I said, “I am going to go Rihanna red, right now. Let’s make it happen!”

Sure enough, I went all the way red! It was a big gamble for a number of reasons because at the time, there was not anyone else who had colored hair and in a sense, I went against the authority. The latter, was probably not the best thing to do especially being that I was brand new. Luckily, after I pled my case they [WWE] were super supportive and totally behind me. In hindsight, I am glad that I did it because it was probably the best decision I made.

NY: That’s an awesome story! Not many people can pull off colored hair but you look fabulous with your red hair. Kudos to you for following your instinct.

EM: Aww, thank you girl! Thank you!

Photo Credit: Josh Ryan
Photo Credit: Josh Ryan

NY: Besides your signature red hair, what else do you believe makes you stand out from the rest of the Divas? EM: I think that I personally stand out because my end game and career goals are ones that any of the Divas have yet to achieve. Not only do I want to leave an impact on the WWE Universe as an entertainer but I also want to bridge the dynamics of the WWE and the mainstream world.

For instance, I want to bring them [WWE] along to Paris fashion week, blockbuster movie, red carpet events, and makeup aisles within major department stores. Being an entertainer is a huge part of who I am but there are many more facets to me. That is why it is important for me to distinguish myself in more ways as an entertainer within the WWE.

NY: What has been your favorite match that you have competed in the WWE so far?

EM: I would have to say my title match against Bailey at NXT because for starters, I have never main evented anything before. Additionally, I competed against the champ going for the title. This season on Total Divas, viewers will be able to see the backstory and how those elements take place.

NY: If you weren’t a WWE Diva, what would you be doing?

EM: I would be a professional athlete because soccer was my main passion and sport growing up. It has actually worked out in my favor better than I ever anticipated when I was younger. I am able to be a WWE Diva and do everything that I love all bottled into one.

NY: What does your workout routine consist of in order to maintain your amazing physique? (weight training, cardio, healthy food options, out of the box fun, etc.)

EM: I switch up my workout routine all of the time because I get bored very easily. I complete a lot of hit training which is extremely great in terms of cardio and being a fat burner. Whether you are on a treadmill or stair stepper, hit training workouts consist of two minutes at a normal pace then bump it up for 10-15 seconds to increase your intensity level into a full blown sprint. Afterwards, it is back down to a normal speed for another two-three minutes once again.

Although I love to workout because it is good for my psyche and also helps keep me sane, my greatest struggle is food because I love it so much! I am Mexican and Italian, therefore everything that my family does whether it’s good, bad, indifferent, a celebration, or a funeral there is always food readily available. Honestly, food is my love language for sure because that is just how I grew up. (laughs).

Food is truly 70 percent of the battle but if you are able to maintain a clean, consistent diet your results will definitely show. I have to constantly remind myself this on a daily basis as I strive to take my body to the next level. Often times, I try to eat a paleo diet which consists of a lot of fruits, veggies, and lean meats, but I also cheat too. I try to sustain a healthy balance because you do not want to deprive yourself either.

NY: With spring finally here, are there any tips to help women [such as myself] step their ab game up and get into tip-top shape?

EM: What I have realized is that your abs are most definitely going to come from the kitchen. Watching what you eat is an absolute must for sure. It all begins with food but also incorporating hit training into your routine is the best fat burner because your body is put into various levels of intensity.

Another key trick I have discovered is that I always suck in my stomach each time I am using the treadmill on an incline. This might sound crazy but without holding the sides of the machine while you are working out you have to continue to flex your muscles and suck in your abs the entire time.

NY: Do you have stage fright before a match? If so, do you have a ritual that helps you alleviate possible stage fright?

EM: Absolutely, I always get nervous! It is one of those things that I personally believe everyone can more or less relate to. Especially if you have ever played a sport, participated in a play, or had to speak in a public forum. On the other hand, if you are prepared, and ready to go, then it’s game on!

Once I step outside of that curtain it is the best feeling in the world and a constant reminder that I was made to do this. Once I am off stage I seriously experience the best adrenaline rush ever. As a ritual, when I do get those nervous butterflies, to calm myself, I will always say a little prayer before I step out, give it to God and just go out there and do the best that I absolutely can.


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