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The Makeup Artists and Hair Stylist Guild Awards 2016

By Lauren Ford
Posted On Feb 22, 2016
The Makeup Artists and Hair Stylist Guild Awards 2016

The annual Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists Guild Awards was this weekend, where we got to catch up with award-winning makeup artists from your favorite movies and TV shows, including The Hunger Games, Empire, Game of Thrones and more.

These makeup artists are the makeup gods of Hollywood and they shared with New You all their tips, tricks and secrets to the art of glam.

We had the chance to talk with Oscar-winning makeup artist, Ve Neill of Hunger Games who won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the event, presented by none other than Johnny Depp. Her secret beauty weapon? “Sleep, that’s the best beauty weapon right there, getting enough sleep.” When it comes to makeup tools she says an eyelash curler and a set of Ve’s Favorite Brushes, her cosmetic brush line, are a must. She also talked about what trends she doesn’t like and those she wants to see gone… eyebrow fiends beware. Watch the full interview below to find out.

Oscar-winning hair stylist, Yolanda Toussieng of Insurgent talks about her love for wigs and hair extensions. Her advice for keeping extensions fresh, “That’s really hard because the hair in the extension is dead. I take them out as often as I can, and keep them conditioned.”

Game of Thrones Makeup artist, Clare Ramsey gives us the real 411 on face masks. “What they do is cleanse the skin, so they can make you break out before the event, so you don’t want that. So do it a week in advance and you’ll be good.” She also questions the prominence of contouring based on NYFW makeup trends. Find out what she offers us instead of contouring.

Johnny Depp’s long-time makeup artist, Joel Harlow talks about the process of transforming Depp into James Bulger for Black Mass. “Johnny is an advocate for full makeup transformation. He’s a big fan of what we do. He doesn’t shy away from a transformation.” Ever wonder what Depp’s input into his character transformations is? “He comes up with all of them. His involvement is 100%.”

Melissa Forney, Head of the Hair Department on Empire, tells New You what tricks she is using for all of the amazing hairstyles found on the show. “Right now Taraji is rocking hair extensions and we are doing the straight look, no curls, just straight and sleek,” Forney tells us about the latest Cookie hair trends. Take it from this veteran hair and makeup guru who has also styled for the big screen as well as for Selma, Think Like a Man Too, Honey, Where the Heart Is, Oz the Great and Powerful, Red Dawn, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and more!