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The Slow Road With SpaRitual’s Shel Pink

By Andrew Stone
Posted On Feb 26, 2016
The Slow Road With SpaRitual’s Shel Pink

Celebrating the concept of Slow Beauty, SpaRitual founder Shel Pink brings long-game, holistic concepts into the beauty conversation.

In today’s lightning-fast world, it’s easy to turn to so-called miracle cures, quick fixes, and damage control in your beauty routine. Yet for Shel Pink, founder of SpaRitual (sparitual.com), the key to lasting beauty is slowing the march way down, being mindful, and taking deliberate segments of your day to honor yourself. By integrating simple, loving rituals into your beauty regimen, the results will come and (even better) they’ll be coming from within. Here we chat with her to learn why SpaRitual’s brand of Slow Beauty is a game-changer.


NEW YOU: Shel, you are a proponent of this concept of Slow Beauty. How does SpaRitual embody this ethos?

SHEL PINK: The main guiding principle of the Slow Beauty movement is sustainable self-care.  If we care for our self in deep and meaningful ways, then we are best able to care for others and the world. This movement is a perspective of wholeness in direct response to a lifestyle that has become fragmented due to the fast pace. Slow Beauty gives us permission to slow down and explore the big ideas of growing young, the spiritualization of beauty, a renewed feminism,  which is about an equation of strength, plus loving-kindness to equal a slow, enlightened beauty that endures. We are reframing our ideas and ideals about beauty to expand the definition to include health and wellness, as well as the development and designing of the inner life, and a return to a connection to our personal natural rhythm. This is a fluid, enriching, and ultimately a creative process of always becoming.

NY: How did you first become interested in the concept?

SP: The Slow Beauty philosophy is simultaneously simple and deep, and it’s a personal choice on how you would like to incorporate it into your life. I’ve been practicing Slow Beauty my entire life, yet it wasn’t until six years ago that I named what I was doing after I experienced what is known in Zen as a satori moment. The phrase Slow Beauty happened to me after my son’s class pet, Torti the tortoise, came to live with us for two weeks one spring. I observed him daily and became enchanted by his slow, deliberate walk. It was as if he was in a constant state of mindfulness or meditation. These observations, coupled with a synthesis of a perspective I had been testing and molding for as long as I can remember, gave me a platform to express how I see beauty and the aging process: We are not in a “fight” against aging, although we behave like we are. Quick fixes and instant results are not sustainable, although we buy into the hype. Beauty is multi-faceted and inherently spiritual. If you want to slow down, enjoy life, and be well, the Slow Beauty philosophy helps you to discern, engage, and amplify what is a most true and creative process… being your most beautiful, healthy self!

NY: Your company’s name being SpaRitual, how can bringing a true “ritualistic” sensibility to one’s home and skincare regimen bolster one’s sense of self and relationship to the world?

SP: Simple rituals are the perfect way to add meaning, dimension, and profound benefits to daily routine transitions. Slow Beauty rituals mark ways we care for our self. As we practice these rituals daily we enrich the connection to self and this empowers us to be who we are. It is a slow and deliberate process that shows profound and lasting beneficial changes over time.

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NY: Your products are always vegan and five-free… What are some the absolute “do’s” and “don’ts” of SpaRitual products?

SP: Yes, and our products are also free of parabens and synthetic dyes. Our body care products contain a high percentage of certified organic and fair trade ingredients and our packaging contains recycled content, is recyclable, and cartons are made with FSC-certified papers.

NY: We are finally coming up on spring, and many are eager to shed some of that winter heaviness from their spirits… How would you recommend getting this going?

SP: Incorporate a daily breathing ritual. Do an in-shower body exfoliation using a sugar scrub. It’s amazing! Follow this with an after-shower self-massage with body oil. You can do one, two, or all of these slow beauty rituals every day to uplift the mind, body, and spirit.

NY: To run a business such as yours, you really have to practice what you preach. What are some of the practices you incorporate into your every day?

SP: I am a long-term meditator. I have practiced TM [transcendental meditation] for over 15 years. In addition to TM, I do daily sugar scrub exfoliation and daily self-massage. I also practice yoga and eat healthy, whole foods. Those are just a few examples of my slow beauty practice.

NY: What are some of the latest products for home, body, and the nails that consumers can give a try?

SP: Our limited-edition Yuzu Rose body range is outstanding. It includes a body butter, dry body oil, sugar scrub, bath salt, a body wash, and 4 lip gloss shades. All of our products contain carefully sourced ingredients to provide maximum benefits and results. For the nails we have recently launched the Nurture color collection, a beautiful range of hues that include pastels, a pop of turquoise, and some opulent dark shades.

NY: How can consumers be conscientious in their shopping habits?

SP: Look at the labels, read ingredients, do research. Thankfully, there are so many great resources out there now where consumers can turn to educate themselves on how to be a conscious shopper in all facets of lifestyle from cleaning supplies to food to beauty care products.

NY: How would you most like to build upon the current success of SpaRitual?

SP: My hope is that more people will embrace the slow beauty philosophy and collaborate to help expand it by developing a personal slow beauty practice and sharing their knowledge. As far as products, we will continue to launch limited-edition body ranges each year to keep things exciting, as well as new seasonal colors. In 2017, we will be introducing some innovative body care products in our limited edition range as well as a new nail lacquer formula that, beyond the gorgeous color options, has real benefits for the nails.

NY: And finally, how do you define true beauty?

SP: Becoming who you are.