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The Veteran Star Power of Vivica A. Fox

By Dontaira Terrell
Posted On Jun 24, 2016
The Veteran Star Power of Vivica A. Fox

Throughout the years, Vivica A. Fox has continuously led the path undefined by taking charge of her destiny in more ways than one. With countless credits to her name and a career spanning twenty years, it goes without saying that Vivica’s peerless talent, undeniable beauty, superior work ethic, and business acumen have been the driving forces of her long-standing, successful career.

In an industry that can be both a blessing and a curse, having the strength of purpose to triumphantly thrive in this biz is quite an impressive feat. But then again, as Oprah has effortlessly reminded us, “we can’t become what we need to be by remaining what we are,” which speaks volumes to Ms. Fox as she has undoubtedly lived up to this mantra. Revamping and redirecting her career tenure as well as handling the complexities of stardom with style and grace both personally and professionally is embedded into the makings of this dynamic woman.

Perhaps this can be contributed to her humble beginnings in South Bend, Indiana which served as the foundational framework of her infinite star power. From groundbreaking performances in movies such as Set It Off, Soul Food, Independence Day, and Kill Bill to building a multi-faceted empire with signature hair and jean collections and a fashion collaboration with Curvy Couture, she is uncompromising in her pursuit to WIN in this thing called life (and rightfully so). We also can’t forget about her role alongside Taraji P. Henson in the hit series Empire where she stole our hearts yet again with her authenticity and skilled performance.

Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox Television
Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox Television

While chatting with Vivica A. Fox we learned how the veteran actress keeps her body fit and fab, dating tips for single women ready to mingle, and the personal tools of building a positive body image. We also learned why the television star is truly unstoppable and a force to be reckoned with. Ladies, I hope you’re ready to receive the gems Fox provided us with because as she stated during our conversation, “and that’s the word according to Ms. Vivica, take notes!” So grab your pen and paper because it’s time for a crash course!

New You: Let’s start by taking it back. Who was Vivica A. Fox as a little girl in South Bend, Indiana? How would you describe her?

Vivica A. Fox: Actually Vivica A. Fox was Angie Fox back in the day because growing up, people were unable to pronounce my name correctly. Because of this, I did not embrace my name of being Vivica A. Fox until I became an actress. However, my big brother Marvin loved to call me “Cartwheel Angie” because I was always a busy body, constantly flipping and doing cartwheels.

NY: Throughout your career trajectory, what would you consider the life-changing role that solidified your stamp in Hollywood?

VAF: When I first came on the scene I began my acting career in soap operas and I also modeled. Following this, I starred alongside Will Smith in Independence Day, which was great but the one that solidified my place was “Set It Off.” F. Gary Gray told me, I was going to be an intelligent business woman who worked as a bank teller but the catch to it all, included me being the mastermind and person leading the revenge behind the scenes. Prior to the role of Frankie in “Set It Off” I was known as the pretty, modeled woman but with this film people were able to see a very different side of me. They recognized that I could definitely hold my own and bring the drama (laughs).

Photo Credit: Shutter Stock
Photo Credit: Shutter Stock

NY: With that being said, what is your secret to nearly two decades in the game?

VAF: I would have to say that versatility has been the key to my longevity. I have learned the dynamics of acting in comedies, drama series, and stage plays as well as involving myself in this whole new reality craze that is currently taking place by hosting “Mob Wives” and “Bring It!” reunion specials, just to name a few. Reinventing myself and utilizing my versatility to be able to work in different genres has sustained my staying power in Hollywood throughout the years. Also, knowing what works best for me and possessing the innate courage within myself to not be afraid and say NO to certain opportunities.

NY: Has the journey so far turned out to be what you thought or hoped it would be years ago?

VAF: I am going to be completely honest with you, there have been quite a few times when I have thought to myself with some of the jobs I have taken, “oh my, the game is changing, what are these children doing nowadays (laughs).” With those particular experiences, I had to adjust, evolve, and admit to myself that certain opportunities just aren’t for me.

NY: If your entire life was summed up into one of your many performances within your body of work, what title would best fit?

VAF: It would have to be a stage play that I did entitled, “Whatever She Wants.” At the end of the day, if you set a goal and set your mind to it, you should honestly be able to do whatever you want especially if you have made good choices. If I am extremely truthful, I believe that I have made some pretty good choices in life.

NY: Switching gears, what advice can you give to women waking up each and every day who are looking at themselves in the mirror and getting dressed to conquer the next 24 hours?

VAF: First and foremost, you have to wake up and give thanks because tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Therefore, we should all wake up with an attitude of gratitude on a daily basis. Secondly, it is important to identify and pinpoint exactly what your day is going to be about and set a goal. Is today going to be about getting your body in tip-top shape through fitness? Taking care of your well-being through relaxation by going to the spa? All in all, you have to ensure that your shell is in good shape and taken good care of because first impressions are truly everything.

Photo Credit: Bobby Quillard
Photo Credit: Bobby Quillard

When you walk into a room, do you walk in a room with confidence? Do you walk in a room embodying a sense of pride in your physical appearance? Whatever the case is, be honest with what you are doing and wear items that make you feel good. As a precautionary tale, Do Not Force Fashion and dress accordingly by wearing things that fit and do not set off your flaws but instead compliment your assets.

NY: Speaking of confidence, with your Curvy Couture spring capsule collection, it is based on “inspiring a new season of confidence together.” What would you say is your personal definition of confidence?

VAF: That is a good question! Personally speaking, confidence is key. When you have made the final decision to complete a task you have to have the confidence while doing it to give a 100 percent of yourself. There is a good old saying, “ride it until the wheels fall off,” this is especially true if you want to make your venture become as successful as possible.

Oftentimes, this means that you cannot be afraid to speak up if something isn’t working for you. My father used to often emphasize the importance of, “learning to attack intelligently” by maintaining a sense of confidence in the way that you speak as well as in the way that you present yourself to others.

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NY: Oh goodness, you are dropping so many jewels right now for young women.

VAF: Yes, girl, I am trying to pass that baton to these young ladies so you better catch it! (laughs).

NY: What would you say is the best way to fall in love with your own body??

VAF: You have to know what works best for you because everyone does not get everything. What I mean by that statement is if you have nice breasts then wear a beautiful bra. If you have a nice waistline invest the money and visit a tailor to make sure your clothing fits and accentuates your waistline. If you have great legs wear a nice pair of shorts or a flattering skirt to show off your beautiful legs. Wear items that show off your best assets in a tasteful, classy manner.

As I previously stated, everyone does not get everything and believe me, that is okay but it is extremely important to be proud and embrace your body’s best assets. Highlighting your best assets allows others the opportunity to say, “oh wow, she looks good,” when they see you out and about. Always complement what works for you and not against you.

NY: Do you personally have an ideal workout that helps keep your body fit and fab?

VAF: Absolutely! I love participating in water aerobics because I have to have a long lean body for the type of work that I am involved in. Especially for fashion because I have to be able to fit into certain sample sizes of the designers. Also, I still complete a lot of the training that I learned from being an athlete at an early age as well as techniques learned on the set while filming, “Kill Bill” such as kicks, pushups, and running in place without placing a lot of stress on my knees.

Photo Credit: Bobby Quillard
Photo Credit: Bobby Quillard

Additionally, I love a good steam room where I am able to do sit-ups and chair dips. Another favorite of mine that I really enjoy is taking a nice hike every once in a while. During this time, I am able to turn off my phone and become one with my body while taking in all that nature has to offer. Mentally, I pride myself on maintaining a happy spirit by staying away from negative people and possessing a bright outlook on life. These days you can go out and buy beauty but I believe inner beauty is something that money can’t buy.

NY: What are three tips you can offer single women who are ready to mingle? 

VAF: The first thing I am going to tell you is to be patient and not lustful. Do not fall in love with a six pack and a smile. You have to take the time to get to know someone to ensure that his agent who is going to show up first is going to match the REAL man you ultimately want to spend time with. Secondly, meet a man that is equally yoked with you or has more than you. In this regard, he is able to spoil you and treat you like the Queen that you are and make a good partner so the both of you can build a great future together.

Last but not least, just because someone may not ideally be your type do not overlook him. At the end of the day that might be the best man just for you. Look beyond the surface, go inside, see what is happening in there, and never judge a book by its cover. He might have a great heart, treat you like a queen, and wants you to be the one that he builds an amazing future and foundation with.

NY: I am taking notes and soaking this all in. I’m 30 and it never fails the first question everyone asks me all the time is, “when are you getting married?”

VAF: I am so glad you mentioned this because that’s another thing too! Do not allow peer pressure to lead you in the direction of being with the wrong person. That is why I emphasize having patience to ensure he is the one. After he passes the initial test, allow the family to spend time with him. Your family can pinpoint red flags before you can because they know and understand who you truly are as a person.

NY: To further add to that, from your signature line the Vivica A. Fox Hair Collection, which one of your products would you say is the ultimate head turner for a date night?

VAF: We have quite a few options for the summertime that I absolutely love! One in particular is Emily because she is fun, long, luxurious, and ranges from dark to light brown. For women who want to try a hint of color, Usha is also a favorite because she is on trend with what everyone is rocking right now. Another great summer look is definitely Taylor because with Taylor you are able to complete many different looks that interest you.

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 NY: How do you draw your inspiration from what is going to be included in each collection?

VAF: We definitely strive to have our looks current throughout the collection. Right now, women are wearing a lot of colors in a variety of hues. As a result, we are also experimenting with colors such as blue, pink, fuchsia, and the list goes on.

NY: Any more sequels in the works from some of your classics such as Set It Off, Why do Fools Fall in Love, Soul Food, etc.?

VAF: If there were another sequel to be made or on the horizon I would have to think it would be Soul Food. I would be very pleased with that one because we need a good family, holiday movie. 

Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox
Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox

NY: Is there anything else you would like to end it with?

VAF: Absolutely! I would like to say thank you to the fans for being supportive of me throughout the years stemming from my hair collection, television series, and movies. I appreciate each and every one of you. I work extremely hard to ensure that when something is associated with Vivica A. Fox that you know in advance it is going to be filled with great entertainment and even greater quality.

I also have a new clothing collection Vivica A. Fox “Poetic Justice Jeans” where I am designing jeans for all of us as a community. The sizes range from 2-27 because I want to ensure when you walk into a room you feel and look good from head to toe with both my hair and clothing collections. Ultimately, I want to continue to shine for all of my supporters, which is why I am trying to work smarter and not harder.

Stay up to date with Ms. Vivica A. Fox:

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