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Tips to Make Your Pedicure Last Longer

By Dontaira Terrell
Posted On Jun 23, 2016
Tips to Make Your Pedicure Last Longer

Whether you’re wearing open-toe heels or flip-flops, maintaining your toes in tip-top shape is crucial. Heading to the nail salon on a weekly or even bi-weekly basis can become quite pricey and not to mention time-consuming. Here are a few key ways to make your pedicure last in between appointments.

Extra Topcoat: In the days following your fresh pedicure, apply an extra topcoat layer to maintain and protect your polish’s shine. Be sure to wipe the brush around the edges of your toenails to seal the deal because polish generally begins to chip along the edges.

BYOB: One thing that salon nail polishes do not include is the expiration date. Because of this the older the polish, the easier and more likely your favorite color will begin to chip. An easy fix to this issue – bring your own polish from home! No need to rush back to the salon when you begin to notice a chip, instead you can DIY in the comfort of your own humble abode.

Avoid Scented Lotions: There is no denying that you should always keep your feet well moisturized, but it is also important to stay away from scented moisturizers. Synthetic scents can distort your beautiful polish by creating cracks and chips. As an alternative try using unscented or fragrance-free lotions instead.

Hydrate! Hydrate!: Did you know that your polish can also begin to peel if your toes have hangnails or dry cuticles? Because of this, it is important to brush a few drops of cuticle oil around your toes to maintain moisture. 

Water Damage: Although your toenail polish may seem dry upon exiting the salon, the reality is that it takes approximately 12 hours for it to completely harden. Any type of exposure including water during this time can cause your pedicure’s life cycle to shorten as your polish begins to lift sooner rather than later.