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Toss Out Your Contour Kit, Replace With Cinnamon

By Sydney Cook
Posted On May 26, 2016
Toss Out Your Contour Kit, Replace With Cinnamon


We’ve come to the conclusion that there are infinite beauty gems hiding in our kitchen cupboards – coconut oil, avocados, honey, and the like. It seems as if all of our favorite foods work wonders on our hair and skin.

Meet cinnamon – a spice best known to be harmonious with a hot cup of cider, atop a plate of maple French toast, or mixed into a latte. But the spicy seasoning also makes a great addition to our beauty routines.

  1. Lip Plumper

The rise in popularity of lip injections has led us full circle back to the original pout plumping product – cinnamon. Apply olive oil or Vaseline to the lips and pat on a pinch of the apple pie spice. Massage your DIY lip plumper onto your pout for one minute. You will feel a tingling sensation, which is normal. Allow the mixture to sit for 3 minutes, then rise. If it begins to burn too much, rinse off completely.

  1. Bronzer

To create your very own DIY bronzer, combine cinnamon, cocoa powder, and cornstarch until you create the perfect shade for you. Add more cornstarch to lighten or more cocoa powder to darken. If you prefer a cream bronzer, simply mix in a lotion safe for the face. For more details on how to achieve your natural bronzer, visit Hello Glow. Apply the mixture with a blush brush and say bye-bye to cheek augmentations.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock
Photo Credit: Shutterstock
  1. Stimulates Hair Growth

Just as cinnamon can plump our lips, it can stimulate our scalp. Create a hair mask using cinnamon, honey, and olive or coconut oil and apply directly to the scalp once a week. You may feel a bit of tingling that just means its working!

If you’re looking to lighten your locks naturally and avoid the damaging effects of bleach, mix equal portions of cinnamon and conditioner, apply it evenly throughout your hair, and comb through. Allow the mixture to sit under a shower cap overnight, and wash thoroughly in the morning.

  1. Skin Conditioner

Cinnamon helps remove dead skin cells from the skin, and can restore shine and suppleness to even the roughest feet. Make a scrub by combing sea salt, your favorite essential oil, honey, and the fragrant spice. Exfoliate your desired body part to combat skin dryness.

Let us know how you’ll be incorporating cinnamon into your daily routine.