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Travel in Luxury

By New You Editorial
Posted On Nov 18, 2013

New You Beauty Tip:

Turn your next trip in coach into a luxurious experience.

The holidays are upon us and let’s face it: The crowds at the airport are anything but enjoyable.  From TSA lines to high security searches, traveling can  be a hassle.  To top it off, increased rates on holiday travel make flying in first or business class an unwise decision. Here we offer tips to turn your personal space into a luxurious experience, even in an economy seat:

  • Turn your space into a spa:  Most airplanes have desert-dry air.  Try spritzing hydrating facial mists or use gentle face wipes with a lavender-scent to instantly cool and refresh your skin.  To get the complete spa experience you can cover your eyelids with some cool refreshing eye pads that contain green tea or cucumber.
  • Get into your zone:  Create a playlist that is specifically for your flight ahead of time (we recommend anything Seascapes).
  • Be comfortable:  Airport style is great to have, but once you’re on the airplane your main focus should be comfort. Consider packing a lightweight fleece travel blanked that can fold and become compact. For your feet, travel with an extra pair of comfy socks.