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Tropical Scrub

By New You Editorial
Posted On Nov 20, 2013

New You Beauty Tip: Look to the tropics for natural exfoliation.

For a natural, deliciously scented exfoliate try using kiwi. The small, round, florescent green tropical fruit has a naturally grainy texture (seeds included) that is perfect when applied to the skin. The high vitamin C content provides a multitude of benefits including the evening out of skin texture and preventing free radical damage. To add kiwi to your list of beauty must-haves, simply peel the brown furry skin away and slice a ripe kiwi. Mash the flesh thoroughly with a fork into a paste and work onto damp, clean skin in a circular motion. Be sure to avoid your eyes and lips. Scrub for 30 to 60 seconds, rinse with warm water and pat dry. It is as simple as that!