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Tyra’s Trifecta Effect: Beauty, Brains and Balance

By Dontaira Terrell
Posted On May 11, 2016
Tyra’s Trifecta Effect: Beauty, Brains and Balance

Throughout the years, Tyra Banks has created a monumental legacy by establishing an indelible blueprint within the fashion, film, television, and literary worlds. Indubitably, the Emmy Award-winner’s career longevity is undeniable, ingeniousness is unmatched, and her business acumen is untouchable. To try and summarize, confine, or limit the quintessential elements of this phenomenal super-woman is an inconceivable notion.

From taking over the runways to dominating our television screens, this is only the crest of a whole new wave in relation to Tyra’s continual global dominance. Once again, the media mogul has embarked on a new venture with the launch of her very own cosmetics company, TYRA Beauty. A self-funded beauty line featuring a wide range of lipstick hues, luminous lash mascaras, and fashion-able blushes for women of all complexions from every end of the spectrum.

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“Without makeup, I would have never been a supermodel. I don’t wake up with naturally sculpted cheekbones—I paint them on! Just because we were not all born with naturally long lashes or plump lips doesn’t mean we can’t be as fierce as a woman who was! If you think about it, natural beauty is kind of unfair,” according to Banks.

When all is said and done, after trying a few of these beauty treats, she is literally “giving you the power to transform what you’ve got…into what you want,” with cutting-edge products coupled with cruelty-free ingredients.

Not to mention, a five minute TYover can revamp your daily makeup regimen from soccer mom to super glam with a touch of class and a lot of spice.

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But the fierceness doesn’t stop there! By joining Tyra’s Crew as a “Beautytainer” it allows Banks the opportunity to pass the torch to other groundbreaking women who are ready to elevate the beauty biz to the next level as well as challenge the status quo of the typical standards of “Badassery,” [celebrating beauty from the OUTside in].

Let’s take a few pointers from the ultimate boss woman herself because at the end of the day she is “a business, man.” Her entrepreneurial drive paralleled with her veteran versatility has been the powerhouse’s recipe for success for building and sustaining a multi-faceted empire.

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New You: How did TYRA Beauty come to be?

Tyra Banks: There are two areas of inspiration for TYRA Beauty: The first is makeup and the transformation it provides. As a young teenager, I wasn’t confident, and I really believe that I never would have been a supermodel without makeup. Makeup transformed me into the model you know. During my modeling career, I studied how world-renowned makeup artists transformed my face, and came to believe that makeup could really be the great beauty equalizer. I took the skills I learned from these artists and shaped them into something that could help women everywhere transform, and in a fraction of the time it took me to get runway ready.

The second piece of inspiration comes from an even more personal story – my mom’s. When my mom was married to my dad, she strived for financial freedom so she could take charge of her own life, and had to work very, very hard for years to get it. There wasn’t an opportunity to take charge of her life that truly resonated with her, and looking back, I know that if she’d found something sooner, she would have been able to give the life to my brother and me that she dreamed of providing us without as many of the struggles that she went through.

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TYRA Beauty combines two of my passions: Making people look and feel their most fierce, and giving power to people to make their lives even more fierce than they ever dreamed possible. And so, TYRA Beauty is more than just a cosmetics line; it’s an experience, from our easy-to-use products to the opportunity it gives women to create their own businesses and take charge of their own lives and financial futures.

NY: What beauty techniques have you been using since the start of your career?

TB: Even since I can remember I wanted the perfect cheekbones. At an early age, I learned how to paint and draw them on using makeup which also inspired me to create my “Sculpt in A Stick” product which makes contouring quick and easy! I discovered that when I focused on the features I love, rather than focusing on the features I don’t love, I felt even more confident. You know how I’m all about my Smize? It’s because I learned how to play up my eyes, baby! I created “Super Smize” (an inner eye highlighter that opens the eyes) so everyone can make their Smize stare-worthy!

Photo Credit: TYRA Beauty

NY: As an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and all-around media maven within a seemingly male dominated industry do you have any advice or suggestions for women in media in terms of shattering the glass ceiling?

TB: Know what defines you and stick to it. So many people will try and change you and your ideas. Be true to yourself and if you believe in something go for it.

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And don’t forget, have a badass support system! Sometimes things are going to get tough and suck, so it is important to have a support system and mentor to give you advice and help you get back on your feet! My mom was always there for me, and even still she always tells it like it is… even if it is hard to hear. I’ve actively sought out mentors in various areas of business and whom I’ve admired to help me strengthen my weaknesses and give me advice when I need it. Your support system can also come from the team you surround yourself with; I’ve hired a kick-ass team of industry experts so I can focus on my own areas of strength, and let them fill in the gaps.

NY: Your “Mani-FIERCE-to” is amazing! After reading it, I felt inspired, more confident, and compelled to join your army of fierceness. Can I zag with you and join your army of fierceness?

TB: Damn right! The more people that want to ZAG with TYRA Beauty the better! With TYRA Beauty, we really want to do things differently and shake things up in the beauty industry. We’re all about giving people the power to gain financial freedom, to be their own bosses, and embrace the opportunity to make some serious bank.

NY: Also what is the brand message or initial reaction you want to spark among women from all walks of life? 

TB: No matter how you define beauty, no matter what you look like or what you see when you look in the mirror, TYRA Beauty has what you want to feel and look your fiercest, whether it’s by using our products and or by really taking charge of your life by becoming a Beautytainer.

Photo Credit: TYRA Beauty

Ready to perfect your Smize? Here’s how you can stay Connected with Tyra Beauty:

Personal Website: www.tyra.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TyraBeautyHQ/

Twitter: @TYRABeauty

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tyrabeauty/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/tyrabanks