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Under the Radar Sunglass Brands You Need to Know About

By Sydney Cook
Posted On Oct 08, 2018
Under the Radar Sunglass Brands You Need to Know About


Stop squinting your eyes and pinching your pockets with these under the radar sunglass brands.

Just like tax season, sunglass season comes once a year, and for me, buying shades is just as important as paying Uncle Sam. As soon as the clock jumps forward and daylight lingers a little longer, I am that girl digging up hidden gems disguised as sunglass companies.

With its limitless style options, shades have always been a wardrobe accessory staple, but buying them in bulk every year can become expensive. Even one pair can cost you well over $100 (looking at you Dior). No shade – I just really want those Dior So Real sunglasses, but I am not willing to pay $595 for a pair of shades that I’ll probably lose or sit on before daylight savings.

As I always say, cute has no price tag, so my guilty pleasure in life is buying inexpensive luxury items.

We’re taking the term “throwing shade” to another level! Here, I share my favorite under the radar sunglass brands, and trust me they’re worth the hype. Don’t say I’ve never done anything for you.

Zero UV

Zero UV 3
Women’s Oversize Round Marble Cat Eye Sunglasses A241, $10.95 Modern Horn Rimmed Hot Tip Cat Eye Sunglasses A055, $10.95 Modern Flash Mirror Flat Lens Thin Wire Frame Sunglasses A384, $13.95



Quay 3
Cha Cha, $50.00 Steel Cat, $50.00 Tainted Love, $50.00




Woodzee 3
Joshua Tree Ebony Wood Gold Sunglasses, $120.00 Kourtney Ebony Wood Sunglasses, $100 Cara White Walnut Wood Sunglasses, $100