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Under the Radiant Sun

By Alvaro Martinez
Posted On Apr 17, 2018
Under the Radiant Sun

There’s no feeling like the warmth of sunshine caressing your skin. Not only does it feel incredible, but its health benefits include the body’s production of vitamin D, helping with depression, and improving sleep quality. However, it’s always important to protect one’s skin from harmful UV rays while under the sun.

Protecting yourself from the sun shouldn’t mess up your summer makeup routine. Setting powder sunscreen, also known as “dry sunscreen,” gives you an extra layer of protection from the sun, all while conveniently keeping your makeup fresh and intact. No need to worry about smudging or smearing your makeup with powdered sunscreen since it goes over your makeup and can give your daily sun care routine a little extra lush.  Powder sunscreen is portable and easy to re-apply, the best type of product for when you’re on the go.

Lock in your look while shielding your skin from UV rays with these setting powder sunscreens:


La Bella Donna – Women SPF 50

The minerals found in La Bella Donna’s products work together to shield your skin from harmful UV rays while allowing necessary light in for healthy skin development.  It lasts all day without re-application and provides complete protection, all without weighing down or clogging your skin! (Shop here, $55)


Soothing and calming, LBD-MEN protects all types of skins: rash-prone skin, eczema, allergy-prone skin, and sensitive skin. This setting powder sunscreen is allergy free and it keeps the skin naturally cool without irritating like chemical sunscreens. (Shop here, $55)







This setting powder sunscreen gives you an “insta-perfect” look with a refined, satin finish. Their 100% Mineral Formula is sweat-resistant and goes smoothly on your skin to minimize oil and shine, all while protecting you from UV rays. Be ready to have a flawless complexion all day! (Shop here, $30)