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Underarms ready for the party?

By New You Editorial
Posted On Dec 15, 2015
Underarms ready for the party?

In an era of overbooked schedules, extreme beauty routines and our own desire to always look and, even more importantly, feel our best, we’re always seeking that one magic bullet to make life a little simpler! Enter miraSmooth™, the latest aesthetic procedure innovation from Santa Clara based aesthetic device company, Miramar Labs.

Miramar recently launched miraSmooth™ – a significant advancement in permanent underarm hair removal. It’s a premium, two-in-one treatment that offers the benefits of permanent removal of hair of all colors as well as eliminating underarm sweat. miraSmooth is ideal for patients looking for the dual benefit of hair and sweat reduction or even those who don’t want to commit to the tedious and lengthy treatment regimen required of laser hair removal. For patients with light or white hair, miraSmooth is the best solution available.

“…I have to tell you, it removed any underarm hair I had from laser hair removal…” miraDry Patient
Pistone Cosmetic Surgery, Marlton, NJ

The miraDry system uses proprietary miraWave™ technology. This technology harnesses the unique benefits of microwave-energy which is ideal for targeting hair follicles and sweat glands while protecting the surrounding tissue and the skin. Microwaves are very safe and physicians have been using them for years for various treatments including the removal of cancerous lesions.

Unlike lasers, microwave energy is color blind and does not require a target like melanin. For lasers to work effectively, there needs to be enough melanin (pigment) in the hair or enough contrast between hair color and skin color. When the tissue where hair follicles reside is heated with microwave, they are destroyed and don’t grow back. miraSmooth is a versatile hair removal option that can be used alone, or in combination with a series of laser hair removal treatments.

The treatment is quick and simple, takes about one-hour and is only available in a physician’s office. Most patients will experience significant hair reduction in 1-2 treatments and immediate elimination of sweat from the treated area. If you are looking to show off those sexy underarms, you should consider miraSmooth.