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Vanquish Your Fat

By New You Editorial
Posted On Dec 04, 2020
Vanquish Your Fat

Finally, a nonsurgical option for fat removal that delivers on all counts. Vanquish provides a “radio-frequency force field” over the treated area—medically referred to as deep-tissue heating—in a process that is proven to destroy fat cells. Deep-tissue heating uses radio frequency energy, with little side effects other than mild redness and swelling. Special panels are placed around the treated areas, such as the waist, yet do not touch the skin. Sensors in the panels measure and target body fat, determining the amount of energy needed for the 30-minute treatment. Patients describe this as a warm sensation, akin to that created by a heating pad. A series of four treatments is said to result in a two-inch reduction in waist size on average. Vanquish is available in dermatologist offices.