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What Happens When Beauty Newbies Attempt Makeup

By Sydney Cook
Posted On May 11, 2016
What Happens When Beauty Newbies Attempt Makeup


Beauty newbies attempt one of Michelle Phan’s iconic makeup looks, and things got pretty messy.

ICON is a global lifestyle and beauty network that believes in the power of unity, curiosity, adventure, and the limitless mind. Creatively helmed by popular beauty guru Michelle Phan, ICON Network focuses on empowering millennials to live their lives to the fullest.

From beauty beginners to those who simply can’t do it themselves, at ICON, everyone is, in fact, an icon. Don’t get me wrong; we’ve witnessed some makeup application attempts that didn’t turn out for the best just because the attempter bit off a little more than they could chew.

Some people are just so eager to highlight and contour. And those are our favorite kind of people! We love go-getters here at New You because there’s absolutely no fun in not trying.

But, if even the simplest swatch of lipstick or line of eyeliner gives you anxiety, just know you’re not alone – ICON Network offers a place for you to vent and accept this secret of yours. It’s okay; ICON’s there for you.

Watch what happens when makeup newbies Sarah Moliski, Riria Niimura, and Indhira Flowers attempt Michelle Phan’s Ethereal Aura look on this week’s episode of Beauty Newbies on ICON exclusively below.


Photo Credit: Endemol Beyond USA