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Why This Woman Needed A Make-Under

By Tiffany Thomas
Posted On Jun 14, 2016
Why This Woman Needed A Make-Under

We’ve all heard about makeovers, and I’m pretty sure we’ve all changed something about our look over the years. Whether you decided to change your wardrobe before starting college or cut your hair in your mid 30s, there’s been something you changed over the years for sure.

But what about a make-under? (Yes, this is a thing) If your problem wasn’t that you stayed clear of your makeup kit, maybe you actually used it way too much.

This is the problem that 25-year-old Daisy from Surrey faced when she admitted to never leaving the house without wearing a full head of hair extensions and a full face of makeup, ever. In fact, she revealed that her boyfriend was the only person in her adult life to ever see her makeup-less, and that was only one time when she was ill.

In an effort to help Daisy’s unhealthy obsession with makeup, her friends appealed to the make-under show, 100% Hotter on 5Star to help Daisy, saying “she’s taken big hair a little too far” and “she really needs help toning down her look.” Daisy was also down for the cause as she stated: “I would like to feel confident enough to go out without the hair and makeup.”

The 100% hotter team got to work and gave Daisy the best make-under of life! Stylist, Grace was excited to get Daisy to see her true inner beauty. She said, “That makes me sad that you feel like you can’t be in the world as your natural self. Disney Princess is a fantasy and you are in danger of going down the road you can’t stop. It is a dolly look, like a child’s version of what a grown up looks like. I would like to make you look like a sophisticated woman.”

The team toned down the color of Daisy’s bleached hair, took out most of her extensions, and replaced her clothing with something more causal, yet sophisticated.

At the end of it all, Daisy could not believe her eyes as she looked in the mirror.

“OMG I don’t look like me! I love all of it but it is so much to take in. I don’t recognize the person in the mirror.” She said she looked “much more grown up.” Onlookers also agreed and rated her new look as a nine out of ten.

Daisy is just one of the many young women who don’t feel confident enough to go bare-faced and show off their natural hair. It’s a constant battle living in a society that tells you that beauty is all about your outer appearance.

New You wants to inspire women to see that makeup should never be a way to change how you look, but rather enhance the natural beauty that’s already there. Building self-confidence is a challenging, but attainable process that starts with a few simple steps.
1) Photoshop your Self-Image

Changing your outlook on how you see yourself is the first step to true confidence. It’s important to see the value you possess and all the wonderful traits you have that are unique to you. If the picture you have of yourself in your head is unattainable, then change it. Don’t compare yourself (insert previous post) to other people, but focus on yourself and your own journey in order to live your best life.

2) Run from Negativity

Literally, run. I can guarantee that the most confident person you know is probably the most positive person you know as well. The thing is, you can’t beat yourself up for things you have no control of. Forget about throwing yourself a pity party and spend more time loving on yourself instead. Inhale positivity and leave no room for negative thoughts to control the way you see yourself. Whatever you have to do to remain positive, do it. Whether you want to write compliments to yourself on your mirror, or cut off any negative friendships, just do it!

3) Act the Part

When you look good, you feel good. You’ll be surprised at how much your self-confidence peaks when you dress the part wherever you go. Also, always demonstrate self-assuredness and be prepared in whatever you do. The more confident you are in what you know and how you look, is the more that will translate to everyone around you. You don’t have to have it all together at once, but you know what they say, fake it ‘til you make it!

Cover Photo Credit: Shutterstock