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Willow Smith for Teen Vogue

By Sydney Cook
Posted On Apr 12, 2016
Willow Smith for Teen Vogue


In Willow’s cover story for Teen Vogue’s May issue, the 15-year-old talks about individuality and being the face of Chanel.

“Being a young African-American woman with dreads, it blows my mind that I’m a Chanel ambassador. Like, how am I a Chanel ambassador?” she said in the interview.

Though a fashion icon and a social media trendsetter, Smith explained that her unique style does not define her.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s daughter shared, “I have some cool shoes on and I wear crazy eyeliner, but it’s really all about emulating the colors you feel inside. A lot of clothes are cute, but after you buy the Yeezy shoes, after you get your hair done with a weave, you’re still the same person. I feel like more and more kids are starting to realize this.”

Smith admitted to going through an identity crisis after her hit single “Whip My Hairtook the world by storm.

“After “Whip My Hair” and all the publicity, after going on tour in the U.K., after saying no to the Annie film, all of this crap was going on in my life, and I had to sit down and say, ‘Who are you? On a real note. Are you this or this?” she said.

Willow has grown up right in front of our eyes. You can read the full interview and take a look at the spread in Teen Vogue.