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Say "YES" to a Better Complexion

By Paris Dupree-Johnson
Posted On Sep 05, 2013

Don’t you love the fresh scent of citrus?? If you’re like me, anything that has a grapefruit scent puts me in a happy place.  I also love bright colors, so when YES to grapefruit daily facial scrub came into the New You office, it instantly caught my attention.

As a ‘thirty-something’, I’ve found that my skin doesn’t bounce back as fast after the occasional blemish. Hence, I’m always looking for products that promise clearer, brighter skin. Yes to grapefruit daily facial scrub uses the natural power of grapefruit to even skin tone, reduce hyper pigmentation, and enhance radiance.

The smell alone would keep me using this product; however, it actually delivers what it claims.  The exfoliating crystals are hard to detect at first because the scrub is clear, but during application you can feel them working. The crystals are not too abrasive, but have just the right consistency. After two weeks of use, I found my skin to be smoother and brighter with less noticeable dark spots.  I would recommend this product to anyone wanting more luminous, even toned skin.

Pros: Amazing smell, bright & cheerful packaging, gentle exfoliating crystals, easy application

Cons: Exfoliating crystals seem to dissolve quickly (during application I would like to feel them working a little while longer. But that’s just me! )

-Paris Dupree; Curly haired girl seeking frizz-free locks, bright eyes, and an even, almond complexion