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Your First Step to a Perfect Smile

By Tiffany Thomas
Posted On May 18, 2016
Your First Step to a Perfect Smile

Would you believe me if I told you that eating healthy can actually be affecting you negatively?

While it may be true that low-calorie snacks and gulping down green juices every day will keep the doctor away, it may not keep the dentist away. According to Daily Mail, certain healthy foods can actually lead to teeth discoloration and bad oral health.

Among the food items included in the article, there were a few that were quite shocking.



Yes. Popcorn. It practically broke my heart to know that this low-calorie snack that most of us enjoy while lounging on the couch indulging in our favorite movies can actually be bad for our teeth. Not only can the kernels break your teeth if you bite them, but the residue of the popcorn left between your teeth can also lead to infections.

Alternative: Almonds


Almonds have the most nutritional value in calcium among all the different types of nuts, and of course, we know that calcium helps to maintain healthy and stronger teeth. Just try not to eat too much. Anything in excess can never be good for you!

Green Smoothies


You may want to re-think purchasing that NutriBullet, the fruits and vegetables you proudly blend may not be so good for your teeth. It’s much better to eat fruits as a whole, rather than a consecrated juice, because the advantages of fruits are only beneficial when eaten as a whole. Additionally, the high acid content in fruits can damage your enamel.

Alternative: Green Tea


Apparently, your stomach aches aren’t the only thing that drinking tea will help with. Drinking green tea can also help prevent bacteria from growing on your gums as well as aid with inflammation.



This popular and well-liked fruit is also capable of causing damage to our teeth. Similar to the smoothies, the high level of acid in the citrus-filled fruit can lead to erosion of your enamel. It’s going to hurt to break this to my husband later.

Alternative: Celery


I’m personally not a fan of celery, but I’m a fan of anything that will maintain my pearly-whites. Celery is a great way to maintain white teeth because it can be compared to a toothbrush in the way it brushes away the bacteria and food particles on your teeth. It also can prevent gum disease.

Which one of these food items shocked you the most?

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