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Your Glam Guide To Super Bowl Sunday

By Lauren Ford
Posted On Feb 05, 2016
Your Glam Guide To Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner and that puts all of the glam girls out there in a hard spot. We could care less about football, but there are cute boys and parties involved. And whenever there are cute boys, we like to look our best. Capitalize on your strengths- fashion, beauty, and socialization. Here is the glam gals guide to Super Bowl Sunday.

What on earth are you supposed to wear to these things? Cheesy football t-shirts? No. Flip flops? Definite no. Baseball caps? Yikes!

Pick a team to root for and wear their colors! The team you choose should be the team with the cutest players/ the better-looking jerseys, obviously.

Here are some Panther’s & Bronco’s outfit inspiration to get your fashion girl juices flowing:

Team Panthers
Team Panthers
Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 11.01.38 AM
Team Broncos

And if you really don’t care at all about either team and are just going for the food and booze, here is your uniform.

Glam Super Bowl Tee
Betches// Private Party


Another fun glam factor for Super Bowl Sunday is your makeup. You can take a break from your everyday colors and switch it up with your team’s colors!


What you need: Orange eyeshadow, blue eyeliner (liquid or pencil) and, a white eye pencil

  1. Use the orange eyeshadow as the base of your lid
  2. Create your winged line with the blue eyeliner
  3. Use the white eyeliner to fill in your lower tear line and the inner corner of your eye to make your eyes really pop







What you need: Orange eyeshadow, black liquid eyeliner, and a blue eye pencil

  1. Base your lid with the orange eyeshadow
  2. Use the black eyeliner to line the top of your eye
  3. Use the bold blue liner in your water line
  4. Add a little of the orange eyeshadow to the top of your eyebrow




 Not a Manning fan? This is for the Panther gals.


What you need: white eyeshadow, black liquid eye liner, and an electric blue eye pencil

  1. Base your eye with the white eyeshadow
  2. Create your top eyeliner wing
  3. Run the blue pencil along your water line and connect it through to the top lids black line






What you need: smokey eye palatte, blue eyeshadow, black liquid eyeliner

  1. Base your lid with a beige color shadow, sweep this to the outer corner of the eye to create a dark shadow
  2. Add a layer of white shadow over top the beige (closer to the inner corner, blending it into the beige
  3. Then shade the blue in over top the white creating a blue smokey eye
  4. Add your liner
  5. Don’t forget your water line, add the blue shadow or just line it with a white eye pencil.



Now that you are perfectly dressed for your Super Bowl party, freshen up on some football stats so you can sound like you have some sort of clue as to what is going on.