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Adele and James Corden Sing Spice Girls’ “Wannabe”, Talk Squad on Carpool Karaoke

By Samantha Boden
Posted On Jan 14, 2016
Adele and James Corden Sing Spice Girls’ “Wannabe”, Talk Squad on Carpool Karaoke

We have officially fallen in love with Adele all over again. After days of waiting, the Adele and James Corden Carpool Karaoke is finally here! James Corden is known for his hilarious skits including viral hits with One Direction and Justin Bieber. Well now it’s time for a lady to ride with him and Adele sure did not disappoint. One of the highlights is Adele rapping Nicki Minaj’s “Monster.” She killed it! Hey Adele, maybe you should think about rapping in some of your songs!

Corden started off the road trip around London speaking to Adele on the phone in the words of her “Hello” lyrics. Corden then said that Adele’s bob is a “triumph.” After a bit of chatter, the two got down to business.

They began belting out her smash hit “Hello.” Adele revealed that she’s actually playing the drums in this song! After that, Adele talked about how she got drunk three nights in a row around Christmas time. She told Corden that she was waiting for her friend at a restaurant and felt like such a loser because she got there an hour earlier so she had two glasses of wine. Adele –  we doubt you looked like a loser, next time we’ll join ya! She then pulled a classic Adele gesture by paying for a fan’s meal!

The two then sang a duet version of “Someone like You.” Adele told Corden she used to have Spice Girls parties and always dressed up as Geri. After Geri left, Adele says she was truly heart broken. Lots of lol’s here. Of course, the two then sang Spice Girls’ “Wannabe.”

James suggested that Adele forms her own squad to compete with Taylor Swift’s squad. He suggested that Adele should enlist Beyonce, Jennifer Lawrence (who would bring Amy Schumer), and Emma Stone. Adele replied that “they are all like Amazonian women and their long legs would kick us!” LOL.

Our Conclusion? These two have such chemistry that they should think about a career together! It would be the first duet-singing comedy act.