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Adele’s Caring Heart

By Melissa Gutierrez
Posted On Mar 03, 2016
Adele’s Caring Heart

Adele has proved that her heart is just as beautiful as her voice. Mere hours before her second concert on Tuesday, Adele took the time to visit the home of seriously ill fan Rebecca Gibney, 12. The child’s mother, Tracy shared with Belfast Live that Adele “was so nice- she could not have been nicer.” Did I also mention that Adele opened her world tour in Belfast, Northern Ireland on Monday? Yet, she still made time for Rebecca. Adele, you truly have a heart of gold.

Rebecca suffers from cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and is blind, but little Rebecca is a trooper- she was exceeded doctor’s expectations after being given six months to live last  year. We are so touched to know Adele made Rebecca’s dream come true. “It’s amazing. I’ll never forget it. And I do know when Rebecca passes away, she did get her dream come true,” Tracy told the BBC.

Adele’s Caring Heart
Photo Credit: Niall Ó Donnghaile/Twitter

I also applaud Tracy for keeping hope and making her daughter’s wish come true. Tracy commenced a campaign on Facebook to encourage Adele to visit Rebecca. Month after month Tracy wrote letters and although Adele’s manager replied to them, she did not hear anything about an actual visit. However, that changed Monday when she made a last-ditch effort and reached out to Adele’s team. The next morning, Tracy received a phone call from Adele’s manager letting her know that Adele has seen Rebecca’s pictures and wants to meet her. My hat’s off to the mum, the manager, and Adele.

I know the moment was memorable for Rebecca, Tracy and the entire family. We are sending nothing but positive vibes to our champion, Rebecca! Also, Adele, you ‘re a star in more ways than one.

Adele's Caring Heart
Photo Credit: Shutterstock