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Betty White on Love, Marriage and Being Kind

By Ruchel Louis Coetzee
Posted On Jan 18, 2016
Betty White on Love, Marriage and Being Kind

Happy Birthday Betty White!

At 94, the legendary comedienne continues to be as irresistible and lovely as the time she and I met two years ago, on the set of Hot in Cleveland.  During that chat, I had asked Betty if there was anything she would change in her life and her initial response was, “No, it has just been wonderful.”  However, a pause later she had added;  “The main change would be to bring Allen (Ludden) back.  And I wish I hadn’t had two bad marriages. They were probably my fault; I didn’t marry the right men.” The things that made her third marriage to Ludden so special, according to White, were his honesty, intelligence and ability to court a girl. They were married for three days shy of 18 years. And yes, admirers have come into White’s life since Ludden’s passing, but she has never gotten married again. “I’ve had lovely relationships, but not anything in the league of Allen.”

Since White was being so wonderfully candid at the time, I had decided to take the subject of love further.  What did she think of women who take younger lovers? “It’s up to them,” she replied. “I mean if they want to be a cougar that’s fine by me. I’m an animal lover. But I would always feel so insecure if I was with a much younger man. I would think, I’m getting older and he’s not!”

And that’s why we continue to love Betty White! Candid and endearing with a heart of gold, we leave you with some of her generous advice; “Be kind, and think about people around you – the animals around you, too. We do terrible things to each other. We have to work hard to stop that, to deflect that. That’s a great thing we can all achieve.”

And with that, let’s cue Betty White’s favorite kind music in celebration of her birthday: A funny sort of love song.