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Brooke Shields New Book Reveals Her Not-So Ordinary Life

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jan 21, 2015


Brooke Shields new book tells her story of growing up in an struggling life, she was raised by her single mother with a drinking problem and started her modeling career at the mere age of eleven months.

You can imagine the conflicts she could have had to endure when a child. In her new book however, she conveys the truth about her feelings towards her mother in hoping to send an uplifting message to anyone who is or will ever be a mother or daughter.

2parapgraphs.com shows an interesting article regarding the books contents about how she lost her virginity to Superman, or in other words Dean Cain! show casing more details about her life in her memoir.

The rest of the article can be followed at   http://2paragraphs.com/2015/01/super-sex-revealed-in-brooke-shields-new-book/ and if  you would like to read about our interview with Brooke Shields on her new book follow this link https://www.newyou.com/magazine/brooke-shields-tell-interview-new-magazine-turn/