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DJ Khaled and Jay Z Announce a Major Key

By Lauren Ford
Posted On Mar 02, 2016
DJ Khaled and Jay Z Announce a Major Key

DJ, producer, and Snapchat self-help guru, DJ Khaled has signed a deal to more success with Jay Z’s Roc Nation, with Jay Z himself as Khaled’s new manager.

The partnership was announced via video on DJ Khaled’s Instagram. Jay presents Khaled with a Roc-a-Fella chain, claiming it was the last original one. It is accompanied by a lengthy message where Khaled does what Khaled does best, speak in his signature catch phrases.  Special cloth alert. Watch below.

Allow me to reintroduce myself!!!! Meet my manager. His name is Jay Z. Jigga. Hov!!! Special cloth alert! The blessings coming in have been overwhelming. So much blessings I needed the right team to help me embrace it right. And when I say embrace I mean brand partnership. When two special cloth brands come together history gets made. I’d like to thank fan luv for walking with me thru the journey of more success. They don’t want us to win!!!! So what we gonna do is win more. When I say we, I’m talking fan luv! I’m talking my brother Lenny S! Always seen my vision !!I’m talking Chaka!! I’m talking JIGGA NATION!!!!! I’m up to something. I will never stop!!! I will not lose JIGGA VOICE!!! Ride with me thru the journey of more success. God is the greatest! Bless up. #WeTheBest ?#JAYZ ?#Rocnation @wethebestmusic JUS KNOW IM WORKING ON NEW MUSIC !! ???

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Khaled’s major blow up on Snapchat has brought him newfound fame. So much so, that the big dogs now want a piece. In 2014, Jay Z collaborated on Khaled’s song, Why They Don’t Love You No More, but failed to show up for the video shoot. Rick Ross, Meek Mill, French Montana, and Ace Hood all showed, but there was no sign of Jay Z. Look how the tables have turned.

DJ Khaled created a major platform for himself through Snapchat. He went from just another producer in the music industry to one of the biggest social media influencers. His “major keys” have caused the golden key emoji use to rise 800% since Khaled started using it. The LA Times deemed him “an internet philosopher.” So if you aren’t already following DJ Khaled on Snapchat, I suggest you do. Oh, and expect to see a lot more of Jay Z.

Bless up. ?


Photo Credit: Roc Nation