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Donald Trump And Bernie Sanders Sock It Out With Funny New Foot Fashion

By Ashley Hume
Posted On Feb 21, 2016
Donald Trump And Bernie Sanders Sock It Out With Funny New Foot Fashion

If you are a fan of Donald Trump’s famous corn-colored coiffeur or the snowy tufts on the head of Bernie Sanders, these hilarious new hair socks are for you! Sock manufacturer Gumball Poodle is stepping up the game in creative campaign merchandise with footwear featuring the likenesses of the 2016 presidential race’s most polarizing candidates, topped with strands of fuzzy faux hair.

The Democratic and Republican presidential hopefuls’ unique hairstyles are reflected in their sock doppelgangers, which accurately capture Donald’s signature swooping do and Bernie’s unkempt locks. A hysterical promotional video shows foot models demonstrating how to comb, brush and style the sock hair with clips and barrettes. Good news: no shampoo is needed. The comfy cotton-blend footwear is machine washable.

Bernie and Donald have shown very disparate reactions to the ongoing popularity of their unusual locks, both of which have fan Twitter accounts, @BerniesHair and @TrumpsHair. Bernie snapped at a reporter from The New York Times magazine when asked about the attention paid to his hair versus his opponent Hilary Clinton’s hair, saying he wanted to focus on “serious issues”. Meanwhile, Donald has embraced the public fascination with his comb-over, even inviting a woman at a campaign rally to pull on his hair and prove it’s real.

Available for pre-order on AlwaysFits.com, each pair of Bernie or Donald hair socks retails for $29.99. Featuring a woven-in design, the socks fit shoe sizes women’s 6 to men’s 12. Though the orders won’t be shipped until late March, you will still have plenty of time to show your political allegiance while putting your best foot forward during the long election season.

Whether your sneakers are feeling the Bern or you want to take a step to make America great again, these hair socks have you —and your toes — covered.