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Emma Watson is Beatbox Queen

By Melissa Gutierrez
Posted On Mar 18, 2016
Emma Watson is Beatbox Queen

Straight-laced Ms. Hermoine Granger has traded in her books for beatboxing. Harry Potter’s intelligent and cutie of a best friend, Heromine, played by actress Emma Watson, went outside her comfort zone all in the name of gender equality. Watson teamed up with Hamilton creator and co-star, Lin-Manuel Miranda, on a freestyle and beatbox collaboration for a gender equal world.

Emma dropped some serious beatbox beats, while Miranda showed off his freestyle lyrics. The duo teamed up to make the video to celebrate International Women’s Day. The video also supports UN Women’s HeForShe organization, which campaigns for gender equality.

The video is a triple threat- it represents a great cause, it is hilarious, and I seriously can’t get enough of Watson’s charm and English accent.

Well done mate!

Let’s follow suit and stand up for a gender equal world.


Cover photo credit: www.laurencecchi.com