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Funniest Celebrity Christmas Cards of All Time

By Lauren Ford
Posted On Dec 24, 2015
Funniest Celebrity Christmas Cards of All Time

Is there anything better than a hilarious celebrity Christmas card? Unless it is delivered with wine, the answer is no. Scoping through the celebrity Christmas cards of 2015, there wasn’t much to write home about. Except for two in particular: Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi’s, and the Kelly Clarkson clan.

Ellen delivers year after year with her hilariously spectacular Christmas cards. We can’t help but laugh out loud. Ellen and Portia’s Biebs themed card is unbeliebable! She is the winner of the 2015 Holiday card.

Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi

Kelly Clarkson also delivers with her Game of Thrones themed family photo. As someone who doesn’t watch the show, this card looks awesome. But when chatting about it to the shows fans, there are some inconsistency’s. Regardless, the family really brought it with this card. So good job Blackstock’s, we deem you runner up in the 2015 Christmas card game.

Kelly Clarkson

Now here are the funniest of the funny, best of the best celebrity Christmas cards of all time! * Kanye voice*

Seth Rogan and James Franco

In 2014, the male comedy duo literally knocked the stockings off of us.


Justin Timberlake

This is every ‘Nsync fan girls dream. Everything about this is magnificent from Justin’s frosted tips to his baggy metallic jacket.


The Kardashian’s

Even before they were the media sensations that they are now, they knew how to put together a Christmas card. Besides the fact that they look like servers at an Italian restaurant there are a few things that make this photo hilarious. Kim is the center of attention, Khloe is rolling her eyes and Kris is in the back trying to work Santa. Fast forward to 2015 and not a thing has changed. They sure do have vision, alright.


Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas in a Christmas sweater holding a cat in a Christmas hat is what we call a Christmas miracle. Say Christmas again…. Christmas. Mr. Whiskers is also looking hella fine in his close up.


The Rock

Last year, The Rock gave us this awesome 90’s inspired Christmas card, fanny pack and all. As a huge fan of pun-filled Christmas carols, I must say that this card rocks.


Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi

And last but certainly not least, Ellen & Portia, again. They killed it last year as well with their Kim K break the internet themed Christmas card. Ellen and Portia are the queens of the Christmas Card, now and forever.