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Happy Birthday Dolly Parton!

By Melissa Gutierrez
Posted On Jan 19, 2016
Happy Birthday Dolly Parton!

Happy birthday to the queen of country music, Dolly Parton! Today, Parton celebrates her 70th birthday and we couldn’t be happier for her. Her iconic updo, voluptuous body, and witty sense of humor proves she’s still got it! Keeping in step with the lively persona Parton is, here are 7 interesting facts about her:

  1. Dolly and her husband Carl Thomas Dean are about to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary! This is so rare to see, especially in Hollywood, but we’re glad to know true love is still out there!
  2. Although Parton has no children of her own, she is the Godmother of Miley Cyrus…Hmm, I wonder how she feels about Miley’s new habits nowadays #twerk

    Happy Birthday Dolly Parton!
  3. Parton actually lost a Dolly Parton look-alike contest. Seriously? Where is Eminem when you need him- can the real Dolly Parton please stand up?
  4. In 1978, Parton won Entertainer of the Year at the 12th annual CMA Awards.

    Happy Birthday Dolly Parton!
  5. Parton has 11 siblings. Growing up in Sevier County, Tennessee (exactly) what else is there to do?
  6. Parton’s net worth is about $500 million! How do I get on her will?!
  7. On May 8, 2009, the University of Tennessee awarded Parton an honorary doctorate in Humane and Musical letters.

Dear Dolly, keep flashing us that radiant smile of yours and here’s to you darling, happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Dolly Parton!