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Hey Baby Hey…Gwen Stefani’s New Album is Out!

By Dontaira Terrell
Posted On Mar 18, 2016
Hey Baby Hey…Gwen Stefani’s New Album is Out!

From happiness to heartbreak Gwen Stefani has had several ups and downs over the course of the year. However, the fab mother of three bounced back better than ever with country crooner Blake Shelton. She also just released one of her most transparent, heartfelt albums to date. We took a listen for ourselves and it is ahh-mazing, you should definitely take our word for it.

In true fashion, No Doubt’s frontwoman maintains an up-tempo rhythmic groove throughout the album’s entirety. However, the captivating, emotionally charged lyrics paint a vivid picture into the devastation Stefani experienced after learning her husband of 13 years, Gavin Rossdale, had been cheating with the nanny for quite some time. Ouch!

A therapeutic record to say the least, in her song, “Naughty”, she candidly describes, “You try to sneak it, hide it and seek it/ Put it in the past, try to antique it/ Dirty secrets, you tried to clean it/ Put one over fast but you can’t bleach it.”

The album chronicles the stages and emotional cycle all men and women deal with when going through a breakup but also showcases that in the end finding true happiness once again, is possible. Although it was a super sad situation between the two ex-lovebirds [Rossdale and Stefani] movin’ on seems to have been a good look for the 46-year-old [seriously] at all levels [emotionally, physically and musically, etc.].

If you’re going through a bitter breakup, take a page out of the, “Make Me Like You” singer’s book, open your heart and “love like you’ve never been hurt before.” In the meantime, drop a line and let us know your thoughts on the album, This is What the Truth Feels Like, in stores now! Oh, and in case you are wondering what Blake’s fave song on the album is…

Ahhhh, aren’t they so cute!