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How to Be on Time

By Sydney Cook
Posted On Apr 21, 2016
How to Be on Time


It’s not a crime to be on time, and in honor of the beautiful Priyanka Chopra being on the cover of Time magazine, we’re here to provide some life hacks for being “on time” because we did it first.

Right Ray J?


And Time magazine, if you’re watching – take notes!

  1. “To be early is to be on time…”

This is undoubtedly the most effective life hack to being punctual. You can never go wrong when you’re prompt. There are so many unpredictables in the world that it is nearly impossible to arrive on the dot, so punctual people simply plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before the main event.

  1. Set reminders

We know life often gets in our way, and we forget important things – but that’s what reminders are for. When we find ourselves lazily snoozing on the couch as if we have nothing to do, they’re available to remind us of how busy we should actually be. Use your cellphone’s built-in calendar function to set a prompt at least one hour beforehand, and another one 15 minutes prior to leaving so you know where you stand with time.

  1. Be Organized

Organize your life by analyzing your daily activities, setting routines, and sticking to them. Late individuals usually don’t have any structure, and often try to flow with the wind in hopes that it’ll blow in a direction that benefits them. Set up everything you can the night before including your clothes, keys, wallet, and even your lunch for the next day.

If after reading this you are still running late, have good etiquette and let the person you’re meeting know in advance. Sometimes it’s better late than never, but afterward, be sure to identify a learning point – maybe consider taking a different route or starting your day a bit earlier.

But in the essence of time, we love that we were first – here’s Priyanka’s full interview with New You.

PS: No one at TIME magazine was harmed in the making of this article.