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How to Tip Properly When Dining

By Sydney Cook
Posted On Apr 11, 2016
How to Tip Properly When Dining


Hollywood star and two-time Golden Globe winner, Jim Carrey is apparently also a generous tipper.

Carrey dined with friends at The Chester, a restaurant in New York’s prominent meatpacking district. Sources say the group ordered sparkling water, pinot noir, lemon chicken, and a quinoa dish tallying up a bill of $151. Upon leaving, the 54-year-old movie star surprised the waitress with a mega-tip of $225.

If following the standard twenty percent tip rule, Carrey’s tip amount should have been just $30. However, he blessed the waitress with almost seven times more dinero than that.



A few days before showing us his take on the tipping etiquette argument, Carrey attended the Hamilton show, which comedian and actor Amy Schumer also attended back in March.

Like Carrey, Schumer also believes in a good old fashioned mega-tip. Amy left a huge $1,000 tip for a bartender at the Hamilton show after sharing $77 worth of drinks with her friends.        

And then @amyschumer comes into your work and does something amazing #hamilton #amyschumer A photo posted by Madeleine DeJohn (@madeleinedejohn) on


Talk about sharing the wealth.