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It’s Super Soul Diddy Birthday!

By Julie Fink
Posted On Nov 04, 2015
It’s Super Soul Diddy Birthday!

Usually when you celebrate a birthday, you are the one receiving gifts, not giving them. But we all know Diddy does it different. Mr. Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs (or as I call him from back in the day, Puff) turns forty-six today and he celebrating it in a big way. He hit up FB and IG early this morning with teasers to his FREE music drop on his special day.

“Good morning, New York,” he exclaims as New Yorkers bid him happy birthday. “Today’s my birthday and I’m out here in these streets of New York. Aye yo, it’s a celebration. I’m dropping [an] album –a sonic motion picture today – and it’s going to be free. I’ll let you know when it is. M-M-M. God is the greatest. Thank you!”

Look for #MMM if you want in on this free Diddy re-gifting action.

The producer-rapper told The Breakfast Club on-air this morning that he’ll be closing this life chapter with the announcement that this will be his last tour. Posting on FB, he is moving from ‘ME to WE’ and the father of six needs to focus on himself and his family. “I need to get right with me first and my family needs to be at 100%. Being on the road and in the studio for two days at at time doesn’t allow for that.”

Sean Diddy Combs with kids on father's day
Photo Credit: Instagram

Maybe it’s the birthday morning bubbly talking but Diddy is on it! I am absolutely loving the self-love. Experts say that spending time with family is as nourishing to the body as fitness or exercise. Strengthening the family muscle is just as important. Conscious is the new celebrity cool and it’s apparent this media mogul knows best. He ended the interview saying, “I’m here to inspire. I believe that is my next chapter.” Look out Oprah!

Don’t forget to wish our beloved Mr. Combs a Happy Birthday (and possibly a Namaste).

Cover Photo Credit: Splash News