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Jonathan Cheban On Turning Dreams Into Reality

By Lauren Ford
Posted On Feb 12, 2016
Jonathan Cheban On Turning Dreams Into Reality

Jonathan Cheban, the man, the myth, the legend. Some of us only know him as Kim Kardashian’s right-hand man and PR maven, but after listening to his hour-long interview with our editor, I learned that he is so much more than that. Yes, he happens to be best friends with the most famous girl in the world but he definitely has paid his dues to earn his seat in the spotlight.

In the Interview, I found many hidden life lessons that I would like to shed light on for my fellow millennials.

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We all struggle in the beginning

Believe it or not, Cheban wasn’t a spoiled little kid. He graduated from college and moved to LA in hopes of making it big but quickly returned to New York ten months later. He wanted to be an agent but he could not pass the required typing test. He then applied for a receptionist position at PMK-BNC, which didn’t quite work out either. But fear not, he dusted his shoulders off, picked himself up and then came into the employment of Peggy Siegal, where he jumpstarted his career in public relations. The key takeaway here is that everyone, including Jonathan Cheban, has had a hard time getting their career started. Fall two times, stand up three.

Cheban said, “Some people don’t see it. So I had to do it myself. And fight for it, and work really hard. And I still work non-stop.” The lesson here is to never stop believing in yourself because one day you are going to be that TV personality/entrepreneur/ media maven and you will run into that person who interviewed you for that receptionist position all those years ago. Maybe you will connect them with their biggest client. True story, Cheban connected Kim Kardashian with her publicist, Jill Fritz, who also doubles as the woman who did not hire Cheban at PMK-BNC all those years ago.

Stand up for what you believe in

During Jonathan’s tenure working for Peggy Segal, she received a call from Benny Medina [P. Diddy’s manager at the time] because he wanted her to handle P. Diddy’s birthday bash. Peggy refused, but Jonathan spoke up and insisted they should do the party. “Not only did we do it, it was probably the hottest party of the decade,” Jonathan said. About a year later, Jonathan formed his own PR firm with Benny Medina as his first client. Their first event was a birthday party for an unknown actress named Jennifer Lopez.

The little things are the big things

Jonathan met Kim accidently while they were sitting next to each other at a birthday party. Just like that, the two clicked and immediately became besties for life. She began bringing him on KUWTK, America started to love him, and then he received the green light for his very own show. What might have seemed like “just a birthday dinner” led him to a new found friendship, fame and fortune in the spotlight. Instead of laying in bed binge-watching Netflix, get out there and meet new people because you never know what can happen when you put yourself out there.

Take the good with the bad

Jonathan Cheban on how he stays motivated every day- “I find something when I’m down and out. My brain will go down for a week and then I’m like gasp I got it! The same excitement from when I was 23 and opening my own company, it comes back and it starts again. I think about all of the possibilities and excitement that could come from it, and I’m back instantly.” This is the mindset of a winner. Bad days happen to all of us, but you need to remember that there are blue skies ahead. Always remember how good the sun feels on your face.

And if you still think that Cheban “hangs out with Kim all day” here is a list of what he’s really doing:

  • Founder of TheDishh.com
  • Owner of two restaurants, Sushi Couture (Miami) and Burger Bandit (Long Island)
  • Dean of Pop Culture at the International School of New York
  • Currently has a foodie/lifestyle show in the works and a street-inspired clothing line, Moves
  • Former Founder of CommandPR
  • Had his own reality show, The Spin Crowd, about his PR career
  • Other shows he was on: Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Million Dollar Match Maker, and Celebrity Big Brother