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Kanye West Vows 6 Collections, 3 Albums A Year

By Ashley Hume
Posted On Mar 13, 2016
Kanye West Vows 6 Collections, 3 Albums A Year

Kanye West fans, get ready for more of everything Yeezy. The rapper/fashion designer has announced via one of his characteristically bold Twitter declarations that he has had it with the “fashion calendar” and plans to release six collections, as well as three albums, a year.

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Designers typically launch two seasonal collections a year: Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. The collections are showcased at Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris with New York kicking off each season and the other cities following in order. Fashion Weeks are held several months in advance of the actual season to give buyers and media a chance to preview the latest designs and retailers the time to incorporate the collections into their marketing.

Last month, Kanye debuted his new collection, Yeezy Season 3, during New York Fashion Week and timed its release around the preview of his latest album, The Life of Pablo.   If we can take Kanye at his word, it means we have five more shows full of neutral-colored Spandex and distressed sweatshirts to look forward to before 2017 rolls around.

What we know for sure is that Kanye is already working hard on his next album, Turbo Grafx 16. Releasing yet another album (not to mention five fashion collections) in 2016 would be extremely ambitious if not impossible and Kanye’s record labels have confirmed no projects past Kanye’s current commitment.

Let’s face it: unless Kanye has found a way to bend the time-space continuum, he probably won’t be able to deliver on his lofty promises. But we are definitely eager to watch him try.