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Lady Gaga Says She’ll Never Be A Fashion Designer

By Samantha Boden
Posted On Feb 18, 2016

Despite being a larger than life fashion icon, Lady Gaga says she will never be a fashion designer herself. The popstar shared her great respect for the immense talents of successful fashion designers. She does not feel the need to infringe on their designer territory. This includes the works of her personal fashion designer and friend, Brandon Maxwell, whom Gaga works with closely but as a cheerleader she says. We have Brandon Maxwell to thank for transitioning Gaga from her meat dress bold choices to a more refined look, which included her David Bowie inspired look for the Grammys. Gaga mentioned that she works closely with Maxwell but sees no need to start her own line. Instead, Gaga says she’ll continue her fashion involvement as a muse. She said she likes to be part of artists find themselves and feel good about who they are. She said she would never claim to be a proficient fashion designer.