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Mariah Carey’s Family Drama

By Dontaira Terrell
Posted On Mar 15, 2016
Mariah Carey’s Family Drama

It’s no secret Mariah Carey has had a flaky relationship with her siblings for many years. However, as of lately, things recently began to take a turn for the worst.  The Dreamlover’s brother, Morgan Carey blasted the songstress for refusing to help pay for their dying sister, Alison Carey’s medical bills. According to The Sun, Alison is undergoing treatment for HIV as well as having to endure brain and spinal surgery from complications due to the illness.


“Your sister is dying and she is struggling and where are you? You think you are so fabulous, but you are a witch. Mariah needs to step up. I flew in from Hawaii last year when Alison was taken off a ventilator, believing she was going to die. My sister didn’t even show up at the hospital,” Morgan said.


Wow, such a hard pill to swallow. As the Lambily can recall, Mariah has always engaged audiences with her emotional coloring lyrics that are symbolic of her personal journey both good and bad in her musical content. One song in particular, Petals, which appeared on her Rainbow album, speaks volumes about her tumultuous relationship with her sister as well as her brother, back in ‘99.


And I miss you little sis and little brother/ And I hope you realize I’ll always love you/ And although you’re struggling, you will recover/ And I miss you little sis and little brother/ So many I considered closest to me/ Turned on a dime and sold me out dutifully/ Although that knife was chipping away at me/ They turned their eyes away and went home to sleep


To make matters worse, reportedly, Uncle Morgan has yet to meet “Dem Babies,” Roc and Roe who are now 4 years old. Obviously, the pain and old wounds are deep-rooted among the siblings. We are not taking sides in this family matter, but as cliché as it sounds, there is always three sides to every story. Before we jump to conclusions, let’s hope the Carey family can put their differences aside for the sake of their ailing loved one. We are sending love and light to Carey’s sister and hope Mariah will make amends before it is too late.