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Meet The Catch’s Rose Rollins, Our Obsession Once More

By Andrew Stone
Posted On Mar 22, 2016
Meet The Catch’s Rose Rollins, Our Obsession Once More

As sexy PI procedural The Catch hits ABC, we get to know one of its most compelling stars — the talented and ravishing Rose Rollins.

We really love Rose Rollins. Like, really. As the new ABC show, The Catch, becomes your new favorite show (Thanks, Shonda), you might find it hard to take your eyes off of her. This former model from Berkeley, California is perhaps best known her portrayal of “Tasha” on The L Word, and has proven her chops on a number of top series such as Chase, The West Wing, and Bosch. On The Catch, Rollins portrays Valerie Anderson, a statuesque fashion-phile who co-owns and runs an elite private investigation agency.


We are so ready to devour this show and are glad to have had the chance to speak to Rollins.

NEW YOU: Rose, it’s evident that everyone is having a lot of fun on the set of The Catch. What’s the experience been like for you so far?

ROSE ROLLINS: I just love the pace of it. It’s smart and fast paced. You have to pay attention and keep up with what’s going on, scene by scene, because it will move on. And, we’re lucky, because everyone likes each other. That doesn’t always happen.


NY: What can audiences expect from the show?

RR: It follows Alice Vaughan [played by Mireille Enos], the lead investigator at one of the country’s top private investigation firms. I’m Valerie Anderson, and I own and run the firm. Alice becomes a victim of fraud, from her fiancé who is the love of her life [played by Peter Krause]. It touches on cyber privacy, which is a big subject right now…It makes everyone very vulnerable.


NY: So what is your character like?

RR: It really is my dream role. The original pilot was slightly retooled since originally I was a stay-at-home mom and had children and was married. All of those things are beautiful but they don’t necessarily lead to a lot of action. So now I was basically “promoted.” Valerie runs half the firm, the business side. She’s dealing week-to-week with new cases. I think she has a great character journey.


NY: The Catch is the latest offering from Shonda Rhimes, revered by all in TV land. How does it feel to be in one of her projects?

RR: Shonda is very strategic in how she writes and oversees things. There are no dead-end storylines. It’s a strong ensemble cast which allows it to go off in many directions. It’s the kind of approach that can keep a show on and alive for years to come.


NY: There are so many great TV shows on these days, including streaming and cable originals that offer audience four-letter-words and nudity. How does a show such as The Catch compete?

RR: It’s interesting, what is allowed to be shown on network TV. There are differences between time slots, 8-to-9, 9-to-10, 10-to-11… We’re going for it with the 10-to-11 slot. I’d say it’s pretty neck-and-neck with what is shown elsewhere. Sometimes I’ll read a script and think, Really? We’re allowed to do and say this?


NY: Among your many virtues is your beautiful alto voice. Have you done voiceover work?

RR: It’s funny. I have a voice-over agent, and I’ve been auditioning a bunch… but I haven’t gotten a thing. Hmm.


NY: Meanwhile, you’re just beautiful. What’s your secret?

RR: It starts from the inside. It’s all about eating clean. I eat clean six days a week, and one day a week I get to eat everything in sight. I definitely don’t stay out too late, I get lots of sleep, I drink lots of water and green juices, I love vegetables. Across the board, it’s a healthy lifestyle.


NY: Are you a big gym person?

RR: I exercise a minimum of three times a week because you just have to make time. I try to incorporate it into my relationship. My partner and I will get together and take a spin class as a date. I feel really lucky that I’ve found a partner like this. He believes in that healthy lifestyle too, and we both love to cook.


NY: What’s your life philosophy that keeps you feeling on track?

RR: Just keeping a positive state of mind. Determination. Also being realistic about who you are, and where you are. Just be true to yourself and never waiver, and don’t ever present yourself as someone you think people want you to be. And, never give yourself a timeline.