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Melissa McCarthy Does DMX on Lip Sync Battle

By Sydney Cook
Posted On Apr 05, 2016
Melissa McCarthy Does DMX on Lip Sync Battle


Melissa McCarthy showed us she’s The Boss on Monday night’s episode of The Tonight Show.

While promoting her latest film The Boss, she took Jimmy Fallon on a two-round lip sync battle. Things started off pretty well for Fallon as he serenaded Melanie’s 1971 hit “Brand New Key” while inelegantly gliding around the stage.

Just as he thought he had impressed the crowd, McCarthy get rid of the mic stand and unveils a black baseball cap leaving us all on edge. The beat drops and McCarthy instantly steals the show with a fierce rendition of DMX’s “X Gon Give It To Ya,” accompanied by dance moves way more convincing that Fallon’s “skating.”

Pure hilarity!

But it wasn’t over yet, Fallon responded with Zayn’s “Pillowtalk,” amidst an actual pillow as his stage mate, which had McCarthy pretty amused. We could’ve believed she was nervous had she not set the record straight earlier in the show. McCarthy told Fallon before gracing the stage, “I don’t get nervous a lot. I’m pretty freaked out about crushing you.”


And she did just that! Fallon’s finale was no competition to McCarthy’s. She initially brought out safety glasses, and again, leaving us all on edge before announcing, “I’m obviously going to do a song from the Pocahontas soundtrack. This is “Colors of the Wind.”

McCarthy, very appropriately, brought colors and wind, inevitably claiming the lip sync crown.

Watch all of the very entertaining enactments below.