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Miley Cyrus Waits On Liam Hemsworth Hand and Foot!

By Samantha Boden
Posted On Mar 03, 2016

Although she may not look it, Miley Cyrus has apparently become quite the housewife. According to sources, Miley and Liam Hemsworth have been playing house at Liam’s $6 million Malibu pad ever since they got re-engaged. Sources say Miley has been waiting on Liam hand and foot and has been cooking and cleaning for him. Although they called off their engagement in 2013, Miley’s eager to show Liam that she’s matured and is ready to settle down. Sources say she’s left her partying ways behind her. She even ditched her wild entourage. Liam never liked that she got crazy, so Miley’s making big changes. The pair have been practically inseparable since they rekindled their romance in Australia over New Years. Sources say Miley and Liam are picking up exactly where they left off.