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Red Carpet Ready at the 24th Annual Movieguide Awards

By New You Editorial
Posted On Feb 08, 2016
Red Carpet Ready at the 24th Annual Movieguide Awards

Every year during award season, Movieguide hosts its annual awards show. The Movieguide Awards are different than your People’s Choice Awards and your Screen Actors Guild Awards in that these awards go to the best family friendly movies and TV shows of the year.

Lots of stars came out to celebrate faith and family this past weekend at the 24th Annual Movieguide Awards. Including Dolly Parton and her young Dolly playing co-star, Alyvia Lind.

“We feel like winners either way,” says music and film legend, Dolly Parton about her nomination for the film Coat of Many Colors at the 24th Annual Movieguide Awards.

Accompanying Ms. Parton to the award ceremony is 8-year old Alyvia Lind who played the childhood Dolly in the movie. It appears that her affinity for Ms. Parton is as glowing as her talent. “It was so cool to play an American icon,” says the excited young actress, “I just feel so special to get to play Dolly Parton.”

My heart has officially melted. Please watch more of this exclusive interview with New You on the red carpet with Dolly Parton.

Heroes Reborn guest star, Gatlin Green, is rocking her bold lip on the red carpet in a gorgeous sheer black dress. She stops to chat with New You on the red carpet about her fave beauty trends and New Years resolutions chuckling, “I’ve recently decided desserts are what get me, so I’m really trying to lay off the desserts!” Super fabulous chic for a superhero!

The Young and the Restless actress, Kate Linder talked to us about healthy skin. She mentions that if she could do one thing differently she would have listened to her parents when they told her not to lay in the sun. She preaches about wearing sunscreen, taking your makeup off before bed, and getting a full eight hours of sleep.

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