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Sharon Stone recounts her time at an orphanage with amFAR

By Lauren Ford
Posted On Oct 30, 2015
Sharon Stone recounts her time at an orphanage with amFAR

Sexy, outspoken and bustier than ever, Hollywood star, Sharon Stone proves that age is only a number in her see-through blouse at the amFAR event in Los Angeles, Thursday night. Some 20 years after the filming of that iconic scene in Basic Instinct the ever-sensual Stone continues to surprise. The 57 year-old paired her tuxedo with a lace blouse that gave a teasing glimpse of her bra and bust.

Showing her support for The Foundation for AIDS Research, she retweeted a message from amFAR’s official Twitter page which said @sharonstone It is truly amazing to have your support each & every day in our mission to end #HIV#AIDS. Here she tells NEW YOU about one of the most touching moments she experienced with the organization;

“Sometimes when I’m on location and can’t go home on holiday, I visit orphanages. One of these times I was in a nursery for AIDS babies and one of the babies was just screaming and screaming. The nurse there was like, “There’s nothing we can do,” One of the other babies next to this screaming baby was in complete shutdown – just no communication whatsoever. I asked the nurse if I could try something, and she replied that I could. I put the screaming baby in the crib with the baby who was non-communicative, and the first baby stopped screaming. Then the non-communicative baby touched the other baby and they found communication within each other. That was special because these two babies were just in the worst, most desperate situations of their lives, and when they touched, they found something in each other that stopped the pain. It was a great moment – it was really beautiful.