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“She’s Pretty for A Big Girl”

By Sydney Cook
Posted On Apr 04, 2016
“She’s Pretty for A Big Girl”

Ashley Graham proves yet again why she’s one of the top models of today!

The 28-year-old bombshell slays, per usual, as she graces the cover of Maxim’s April 2016 issue completely nude (aside from the big white shirt covering her lady parts). In the magazine spread, she poses in skimpy lingerie showing off her natural curves while giving us her best smize.


More from @maximmag shot by @gilles_bensimon!! Wearing my #AshleyGrahamXSwimsuitsForAll swim collection to be launched in May!!

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Graham, amongst many other curvaceous models, is living proof that today is truly the generation of body diversity. Because of this, the modeling world is changing by storm. Though we are accustomed to seeing size zero models strutting down the runway with their slim bodies and fierce facial expressions, the modeling industry is now more accepting of curvier models who present fuller body sizes and exude maximum confidence.

TRUE Model management has a full roster of curvy models who represent for top projects all over the world. “With 67% percent of U.S women being a plus size, we think it is important to present diversity within the ranks of our talent,” said Dale Noelle, president of TRUE model management.

Back in 2014, TRUE took the initiative to refrain from labeling their models “plus size”, and introduced the Curves category, which represents models who bare more curves than the average print model in the fashion industry. “Though the term “plus” has a positive connotation in mind, labels are for clothes, not people,” said Noelle. Having a range of models in size, as well as race and age, allows consumers to relate to the models on the runway. Noelle shared with NewYou, “The plus customer has felt marginalized by the fashion industry and it is exciting to see the inclusivity. We are thrilled that TRUE is an integral part of that conversation and supports diversity.”

Ashley Graham, who is signed to IMG, is just one example of a curvy model taking over the industry. There is also TRUE’s Lexi, who is a curvy model gracing photo shoots and catalog advertisements with her glowing skin and stylish appeal. More importantly, Lexi represents class, which is essential in a society so saturated with women exposing their bodies in distasteful forms.

TRUE Model Management
TRUE Model Management

Plus size fashion bloggers are also dabbling into modeling, being granted with back to back gigs for their pretty faces, sense of style, and curvier figures. Nadia Aboulhosn is a plus size fashion blogger, model, and designer who has been featured in Women’s Running Magazine, Complex Magazine, Stylist Magazine, Lucky Magazine, Seventeen Magazine, Teen Vogue, LOOK, Vogue Italia, Refinery 29, and many others. The Florida native, who now resides in LA, has also modeled and campaigned for American Apparel, Boohoo, Addition Elle, and many more.


With agencies challenging expectations by signing fuller models and embracing their perfect full figure, it’s amazing to see plus size sisters conquering the fashion industry and doing everything people said they couldn’t.

Ashley Graham said it best in her TED talk about body image, “there is no one perfect body.”

Watch Ashley’s inspiring speech below!