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The Bings 2015

By Lauren Ford
Posted On Dec 18, 2015
The Bings 2015

Oh…my…God (Janice voice)! Friends fans all over the world are going nuts about a photo that was snapped of Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry grabbing a bite together. What’s so crazy about this you might ask? The look in Matthew Perry’s eyes brings us back to the epic love story that is Monica & Chandler Bing.

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Twitter User: @Mccallbing

Aside from the dating rumors, that were recently found to be completely false (excuse me while I wipe the tears from my keyboard). What are the two pieces of the beautiful Bing puzzle doing now?

Our favorite neurotic chef playing Courteney Cox didn’t have as much luck in the marriage department as Monica did. Cox and Orion actor husband, David Arquette divorced in 2012 after 14 years of marriage and a beautiful daughter Coco. She was recently engaged to Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid for 18-months before they called it quits a few weeks ago. Cox latest work has been on the sitcom Cougar Town. A show about a recently divorced woman in her 40’s facing the next chapter of her life, and being a cougar at that. There have been six seasons. Unfortunately, the series concluded in March 2015. It’s certainly no Friends, but the Monica Gellar that we fell in love with is very much still in there.

Matthew Perry, the beloved Chandler Bing struggled with alcohol and opiate addiction during his time on Friends and some after. But at the age of 43 Perry finally got sober. He has since become passionate about helping addicts. So much so that he started his own men’s sober living facility, Perry House, which is also his Malibu beach home.

His most recent love interest was Masters of Sex actress, Lizzy Caplan, but the two split up two years ago. Matthew Perry now produces and stars in the new series Odd Couple. The show is about an obsessive neat freak and thoughtless slob (Perry) who move in together after they both get divorced. Perry’s neurotic neat freak of a roommate sounds an awful lot like Friends wifey Monica Gellar. Coincidence? I think not. Sign of their need for each other. I think yes.

After a quick analysis of where the Bing’s are now, I know what is next for them in their journey’s. In a perfect world, Cox will guest star in Perry’s Odd Couple. The viewers will love it so much that she will become a regular on the show as Perry’s love interest. Then the two will fall in love, get married and live happily ever after! Cue the Friends theme song and more tears from me.