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Wrap Stars

By Stonne Dupree
Posted On Jul 19, 2016
Wrap Stars

Beauty Runway Report Headscarf-sporting models prowled the runways offering cascades of cheery color and a chic way of reinterpreting your loose French twist. The scarves lent themselves to the show’s distinct “Sicily in the Sixties” vibe.

After all, fashionable Sixties icons such as Jacqueline Onassis, Brigitte Bardot, and Sophia Loren used vibrant scarves to doll up their hair, necks, and Kelly bags.  “The headscarf is an evolutionary accessory,” says New York-based celebrity hairstylist Oscar Blandi, whose clients include Naomi Watts, Rosario Dawson, and Brooke Shields. “They’re functional and fashionable simultaneously, and—in my opinion—timeless.”

The next time you’re fighting frizz, or simply hiding the fact that it’s been a while since your last shampoo, scoop up your hair into a messy updo, wrap it in a brightly-hued scarf, and be sure to leave a bit of your hairline visible.

Tie the scarf in a knot at the base of your skull. Try not to be too meticulous. The look is sexiest when you achieve an unfussy, “devil may care” feel. Of course, a smart-looking scarf can look great around your neck, as a belt, or tied around an Hermès bag (à la Grace Kelly). Y

You can even use it as a bathing suit cover-up. Wrap Stars Bad hair day? Reach for a colorful scarf and add instant oomph Pop your color