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Zendaya’s Neverland Music Video is Here!

By Samantha Boden
Posted On Jan 25, 2016
Zendaya’s Neverland Music Video is Here!

Zendaya just released the music video for “Neverland,” which is her song from last year’s Broadway show Finding Neverland. The video opens with Zendaya in an alley as she is trying to get into a theater through a stage door. We then see a mysterious man appear, Bryan Cranston, aka Walter White from Breaking Bad. He helps Zendaya get into the theater with his magical powers. From there, the very talented teen performs “Neverland.” After a stellar performance, Cranston appears at the end, applauding Zendaya and telling her that he, too, use to sing when he was younger. The mysterious Cranston gives Zendaya some advice, before magically disappearing in true Walter White fashion.


The video is directed by Brad Furman and choreographed by Dancing with the Stars alum Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who appears in the video. Zendaya said in a statement, “I am so excited to tell the story of Neverland through my own lens.” The 7 minute 38-second-video highlights Zendaya’s amazing talent. Her singing, dancing, and acting are really on point.