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American crime star Penelope Ann Miller on Aging Gracefully in Hollywood

By New You Editorial
Posted On May 12, 2015

Penelope Ann Miller

 “As an actor in L.A.— and as a woman of a certain age—I’ve confronted my fair share of insecurities” — Penelope Ann Miller to NEW YOU magazine

While her character on ABC’s American Crime is no glamour girl, Penelope Ann Miller is a gorgeous wife and mom-of-two in real life. In the summer issue of NEW YOU magazine, Miller shares the secrets to her success, her take on aging gracefully in Hollywood and reflections as “a woman of a certain age” in Tinseltown.

Highlights from NEW YOU’s interview with Penelope Ann Miller:

On playing an unglamorous character on American Crime and handling the “insecurities” that come along with that: “As an actor in L.A.—and as a woman of a certain age—I’ve confronted my fair share of insecurities.

In this town, you can feel so judged over how you look and how you’v aged. In my mind, I worry people will say, ‘She really hasn’t aged well…’ Then I remember, I’m here to do my craft, and I’m willing to bare my soul, even if it’s in an unflattering light.”

On aging gracefully in Hollywood: I’m all about feeling the best I can at the age I’m at, without succumbing to things that make people not look like themselves. I want to look like me. I’m not going to be the fresh-faced, apple- cheeked ingénue I was at 20 years old. We’re so youth-oriented in our society. In Hollywood, we’re so afraid of aging, and I see so many people not aging gracefully. I’ve noticed other actors really hurt their careers when they stop looking like themselves. I want to play those character roles. I’m not the girlfriend; I’m going to be the mom.

On taking care of herself and “feeling good” about herself:  “I do a lot…I work out with a trainer two to three times a week, go for a few hikes a week. I know that feeling good about myself comes from within, and that shows outwardly. So I try to get as much rest as much as I can. I used to be the “sleep until noon” girl, and with my family I can’t do that any more, nor do I want to.

For the full interview with Penelope, pick up the Summer Issue of NEW YOU magazine, on newsstands nationwide or read it online here.